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Wireless Ps3 Controller For A Wired 360 Controller

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I'm looking for a wired 360 controller as I recently purchased some PC games that could use it. I'm not looking for a wireless 360 with a charge n play cord (already have them and they don't work on a PC plugged in).

I have a PowerA wireless PS3 controller (w/ dongle and I'll throw in new batteries). I did replace the X button with a larger, sturdier red button as the orignal X button was sticking from overuse. It has an Xbox 360 layout and is larger than the SONY PS3 controllers if you're looking for something to use with your PS3 that has more girth. You can also see in the second photo that the L2/R2 triggers are curved like 360's vs the PS3's convex curve (which I never understood). You can also see there is very little wear on the control sticks.

I'll only trade with well established mvpmods folks.


Side view showing enhanced button:


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