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It's Gonna Be Hard For Me To Love The Show After Games Like This

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The Show 12, which I just pre-ordered, will really need to do something special before it matches my love for MVP. Offline and online, this game still produces. Just finished game 21 in my 56 season (playing only the last game of each series) vs. Arizona. I worked in some new tweaks as Phillies pitching was a bit too dominating. I think I may have found something, especially when Arizona can knock Halladay out of the game. The cpu had me pitch over 145 pitches and burn out my bullpen and I was able to make it go over 120. Anyone who wants to argue catch up logic in other sports games can't do it for this one. And with the HDR bloom, though I can only run it smoothly in 1024/768, it still had things looking real nice.


Phi Ari gm 21.zip

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