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2012 Blue Jays Logos update

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File Name: 2012 Blue Jays Logos update

File Submitter: Toleton

File Submitted: 14 Feb 2012

File Category: Miscellaneous

Version: 1.0

Don't know if anybody made this update recently, didn't search in MVPMODS database. Anyway here I share my version and if you like enjoy it.

For installation the EAgraph program is needed:

- Do not forget to backup first your existing logos.big file just in case

- Unpack the l013.fsh file in a known folder with WinRar

- Go to EA SPORTS/MVP baseball 2005/data/frontend/ to find the file logos.big and open it with EAgraph

- At the upper menu click on "Import Wizard", then mark the option "Add files to an external TAR archive"

- In the next window confirm "Add" and look for the l013.fsh file by searching the folder where it was previously unpacked.

- Mark it and click on next. The file will be automatically incorporated to the logos.big file, click finish and voila!!!

Best regards for all.

Click here to download this file

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