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Need Audio/photo Id's For New Players Attention: Daflyboys

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I downloaded the BaseUp Rosters 3.54 by DaFlyBoys from the downloads section. It appears to be the most current rosters. I began to edit the rosters first by simply going team by team and insuring that every player is on the team. I am doing MLB "Active Rosters" first. ( I am editing in alphabetical order by team; and I am editing the .mbe with MVP Edit.)

After doing Arizona and Atlanta I realized there are a lot of players not there yet. No big deal. That is why I am updating!!!

However here is an example of the people missing from the active roster and not in the game at all.

Most of which are rookies (understandable) but a few like Stephen Drew for example that surprised me.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Position Player

P Trevor Bauer

P Charles Brewer

P Patrick Corbin

1B Matt Davidson

SS Stephen Drew

P Brett Lorin

P Evan Marshall

P Kevin Munson

P Yonata Ortega

SS Chris Owings

CF A.J. Pollock

P Saito Takashi

P Tyler Skaggs


Position Player

P Luis Avilan

C Christian Bethancourt

CF Todd Cunningham

C Evan Gattis

P Sean Gilmartin

SS Andrelton Simmons

P Zeke Spruill

1B Joe Terdoslavich

C Jose Yepez

I guess my biggest question in editing the .mbe or in adding these guys is that when I do so I want to make sure I assign the right audio/photo ID so that later when and if more photo packs or cyberfaces are done they will correspond.

So I know that there is a list somewhere and I found it once in the forums, but for the life of me cannot find it anymore. Any help???

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It could have been they sustained a season ending injury and weren't included. I'm not sure which roster version where I stopped including injured players that could have been imported via MVPedit if desired. As far as players being in neither place, it would be because either they never played in a major league game, or Toleton didn't have them include when he worked on the minors. If they are rookies this year no matter at what level, I wouldn't have included them.

By and large, my updating has been more focused on 40 man rosters and Toleton really helped round out AAA and AA teams as best he could.

I asked about ID's being continued on the official list in a separate thread, but no one responded.

Addendum: try version 3.1 for the included .mep files. Unzip to a new folder within the MVPedit main folder for easy locating. MAKE SURE YOU ADD to a given team, NOT REPLACE.

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The official list was here: http://mlbmods.com/index.php/mvp-ids?

The thread for it was here: http://www.mlbmods.c...c69cd129fd2af49

Activity has just gotten less and less each year, and it didn't really seem like roster makers were following it anymore, so there's really no one keeping it updated anymore. If someone wants to take it on, you can get the spreadsheet there.

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It'd be nice for someone to take it on, but it's a lot of work for something so few people use.

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I appreciate all the input guys. I also realize not a lot of people play anymore, however I think there is still a core following who will appreciate a good set of rosters.

That being said, I downloaded the roster spreadsheet's and have been working a little at a time. Before I go any further though I want to get some input as to whether or not i am approaching the input of new players correctly or not.

Below is a screenshot of how I saw implementing players who were missing from the game into it. These are all new players via MLBPA free agency or they simply were not in the game for one reason or another with no mention in the spreadsheet.


As you can see I have a few players listed in the MVP-ID'S who are missing from the Arizona Diamondbacks 40 Man Roster. I am editing from the .mbe and intend to add these players with the newly assigned A/P ID. Is this correct? If not, can I get a little instruction on what I may be doing wrong.

** Note ** My roster edit is up to date at the MLB level pretty good with the exception of missing players from the game. This is my next goal before moving into the minors.


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