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Asian National Teams Uniforms

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I am planning to create more international team uniforms. The countries I have chosen on and I hope to release as a pack are as follows:



Sri Lanka


India (Based Upon Women Teams uniforms as there is no pictures of the mens team which last competed in 1989)






North Korea (based upon softball team)




Brunei (based upon softball team)



Also Improvements on Philippines (Logos, Removal of false font for numbering and lettering, Lettered hats and helmets rather than those with flags)

However I do not have the uniform templates which I believe i will require for this project which are the KC uniform templates and fizzjobs accessories, If someone is interested in this project and is able to send me those files I promise I will deliver, however without those particular template files I do not think this project will be fruitful. Thank You in advance.

I hope this is the first of many projects which I can embark on involving more countries.

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I am aware that there is currently templates that can be downloaded however they are unfortunately insufficient for my ambitions, for example there is no helmet file, no spring training templates, no acessories and so on, I require the ones that i believe came with a tutorial or so my brother tells me. The links are dead but if someone has those particular files which came with the uniform making tutorial i would be very grateful if they could be sent to my email address.

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