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MVP 05 Uniform Slots

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File Name: MVP 05 Uniform Slots

File Submitter: Homer

File Submitted: 10 Mar 2012

File Updated: 10 Mar 2012

File Category: Tools and Editors

Version: 0.0

For all you uniform modders who want to know which slots can be used for each team's uniform, here it is. It's detailed to tell you things like which ones have throwback slots, which ones have numbers on the front or back, etc. And yes, you can install up to 15 uniforms to each team using Tit. I've done it hundreds of times.

Click here to download this file

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Thanks for Sharing this Homer. You can do 15 uniforms per team? I've found my limit to be 12. Beyond that, the frontend crashes when I scroll the uniforms if I try to put more previews in the uniforms.big file. It crashes for me anyway. How were you able to get to 15 or is that a typo and you meant 12?

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If you create the preview file and leave it as a bmp when you zip the files up, install it with Tit and it works just fine.

if you use 1x uniforms, you can fill every single uniform slot in the game, 15 per team at each level of the organization. if you use 2x uniforms, you can still fill up to 15 slots on teams, but you can't do all levels because the models.big gets too big and crashes the game. if you manage your models.big file well to keep it smaller, you can use all 15 slots. one of these years, i'll have my legends mod ready and you guys will see that you can indeed have that many uniforms.

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