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MVP Baseball 2005 Player ID List

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New IDs Cyberface:
Brian Snitker 467, replaces a Fredi Gonzalez
Brandon Hyde 516, replaces Mickey Callaway
Rocco Baldelli 481, replaces Paul Molitor
Mark Kotsay 499, replaces Charlie Manuel  
David Bell 476, replaces Ron Gardenhire
Chris Woodward 575, replaces Jeff Banister
Charlie Montoyo 612, replaces John Gibbons
Tony LaRussa is 465
Torey Lovullo is 616
Craig Counsell is 030
Buck Showalter is 391

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Some players need ID LAA Hunter Green NYM Greg Peavey SD Matt Branham WAS Colin Bates WAS Richie Mirowski WAS Blake Schwartz Oscar Morales, thanks!!!

Main list updated.

If you need some cyberface number please check out the first page on this thread, there you will find the list

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New IDs Cyberface:
Miguel Castro 656, replaces Kyle Seager
Tomás Nido 019, replaces Cameron Maybin
Trevor Williams 800, replaces Jon Lester
Trevor May 890, replaces Travis Snider
Estevan Florial 669, Melky Cabrera
Sam Coonrod 036, replaces Francisco Liriano
Andrew Velazquez 734, replaces Brett Cecil
Aramis Garcia 587, replaces Andrew Romine
J.C. Mejía 678, replaces Gordon Beckham
Jordan Sheffield 428, replaces Ryan Zimmerman

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Hi, I am requesting two ID #'s for some players I am working on.

Darwinson Hernandez (BOS)

Riley Greene (Det)


Not sure how good they will come out? But either way I would like to share them with the community. I have done faces in the past for NBA Live 01-05, actually several for my NCAA mod way back some 17 years ago.

Very similar method,

I haven't read up yet on how to add these ID numbers to the roster yet? I am yet to open up MVPedit or MVP2005 editor, so I may need help doing that?

But the face creation thing I have pretty much down, I am not the greatest, but the players should resemble his real-life counterpart.


I made much progress this afternoon and have one of the .BMP's completed already. and re-packed into the .fsh file.

Starting work on the other now,

I am trying not to have to use Oedit to re-model the headshapes, because that is time consuming, so instead I am searching for the closest and best head models to use; even if I have to edit the .bmp some to make it fit?


Question: Is there a thread or post showing the faces of the original players who came with the game and are in the original models.big file and what they look like? That is where i am looking, because I don't want to use anyone else work.

By the way, what is the rule on using .ord files that other people created? Besides giving credit, is permission needed?

If so, that may be hard since the game is 17 years old and i am sure most of the modders are long gone. Just asking


Thank you,

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Official IDs for Portrait


Brendan Donovan STL

Juan Yepez STL

Josh Jung TEX

Jeremy Pena HOU

Jairo Solis HOU

Pedro M. Leon HOU

Norel Gonzalez HOU

Brailyn Marquez CHC

Jasson Dominguez NYY

Yoendrys Gomez NYY

Yoelkis Cespedes CWS

Norge C. Vera CWS

Asa Lacy KC

Nick Pratto KC

Austin Martin MIN

Yennier Cano MIN

Emerson Hancock SEA

Max Meyer MIA

Francisco Alvarez NYM

Geraldo Perdomo ARI

Bryan Mata BOS

Ji-Hwan Bae PIT

Miguel A. Vargas LAD

Andy Pages LAD


Official IDs for Faces


Anthony Bemboom BAL

Anderson tejeda STL

Jose Barrero CIN

Keibert ruiz WAS

Edward Olivares KC

jeremy peña HOU

Johneshwy fargas CHC

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News ID Audio/Photo:
Brendan Donovan (STL) 1589
Juan Yepez (STL) 1590
Josh Jung (TEX) 1591
Jeremy Pena (HOU) 1592
Pedro M. Leon (HOU) 1593
Norel Gonzalez (HOU) 1594
Yoendrys Gomez (NYY) 1595
Yoelkis Cespedes (CWS) 1596
Norge C. Vera (CWS) 1597
Yennier Cano (MIN) 1598
Emerson Hancock (SEA) 1599
Bryan Mata (BOS) 1600
Ji-Hwan Bae (PIT) 1601
Miguel A. Vargas (LAD) 1602
Andy Pages (LAD) 1603

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On 2/19/2022 at 8:16 PM, Dirtdog said:

Hi, I am requesting two ID #'s for some players I am working on.

Darwinson Hernandez (BOS)

Riley Greene (Det)


Not sure how good they will come out? But either way I would like to share them with the community, etc. etc.


Let me be more tactful here.  If you look through the history of this thread, it's mainly a request thread.  We all have to wait for the organizer to get to what's requested and nothing is going to speed that up.  Efforts to help the community are appreciated, but the context of what you're asking is beyond the scope of this thread.  If you need help, then you would request that in the proper support thread.  If you're not getting something that you requested answered, you can always PM the thread manager.

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New IDs Cyberface:
Anthony Bemboom 705, replaces Drew Subbs
Anderson Tejeda 135, replaces Matt Dominguez
Jose Barrero 764, replaces Danny Espinosa
Keibert Ruiz 033, replaces Chris Dickerson
Edward Olivares 003, replaces Jhonatan Solano
Jeremy Peña 243, replaces Conor Gillaspie
Johneshwy Fargas 646, replaces Alejandro De Aza

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Couldn't find it in a search for this topic and could not find on the google spreadsheet, but do we have Photo IDs for these major leaguers?:


Herrera, Jose

Hummel, Cooper

Miranda, Jose

Suarez, Robert

Witt, Bobby

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News ID Audio/Photo:
Jose Herrera (ARI) 1605
Cooper Hummel (ARI) 1606
Jose Miranda (MIN) 1607
Robert Suarez (SD) 1608
Riley Greene (DET) 1609
Bryan Lavastida (CLE) 1610
Eguy Rosario (SD) 1611
Anthony Seigler (NYY) 1612
Armando Alvarez (NYY) 1613
Blake Perkins (NYY) 1615
Josh Breaux (NYY) 1619
JP Sears (NYY) 1620
Matt Krook (NYY) 1621
Max McDowell (NYY) 1622
Michael Beltre (NYY) 1623
Oswald Peraza (NYY) 1625
Rodolfo Duran (NYY) 1626
Ron Marinaccio (NYY) 1627

Bobby Witt Jr (KC) 1628

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On 11/25/2021 at 2:49 AM, marcoscaballero said:

New ID for Cyberfaces
Adley Rutschman BAL

Bobby Witt Jr. KC

Julio Rodriguez SEA

IDs Cyberface:

Adley Rutschman 047

Bobby Witt Jr. 392

Julio Rodriguez 163



IDs for Audio-Photo:

Adley Rutschman 1587

Bobby Witt Jr. 1628

Julio Rodriguez 8810


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