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New Comprehensive Negro League Stats On Baseball-Reference.com

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Baseball-Reference.com added a new section yesterday with comprehensive Negro League stats from 1903 - 1948. Here is a link to the site: http://www.baseball-reference.com/nlb/

The Baseball Hall of Fame had a press release on their website about this: http://baseballhall....ll-referencecom

Here's an excerpt from the press release:

The study includes sanctioned league game box scores from almost 100 percent of games played in the 1920s, in excess of 90 percent of the box scores from games played in the 1930s and box scores from 50-70 percent of games played in the 1940s and 50s, during which time the various leagues began to disband and newspapers ceased to report game information. The end result is the most comprehensive compilation of statistics on the Negro Leagues that has ever been accumulated.

I imagine that DennisJames and redeck could have used this information when they were developing their Negro League mods!

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Wow! This is fantastic news and it’s about time that Baseball-Reference.com put this information together. Once they get the most complete statistics posted on their site, I am sure it will save researchers a ton of time. Certainly, part of me wished this was available last year when I compiled my Negro League Mod; but because it was not available, it actually felt good to research these stats the old-fashioned way. In the meantime last summer and fall, I read 3 books about negro leagues to gain a lot better understanding of the history of the league in addition to the statistics. Thanks very much Jim for posting this, I had no idea Baseball-Reference.com had this planned. Excellent news! :good:

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Even better that they are merging the statistics already found at seamheads.com Awesome news! I was already working on a project to enter all this data into the Lahman database so they would could easily import Negro League teams with the click of a mouse. This is essentially how I created the 1923 integration mod I'm working on. Dennis, if you or anybody else wants a copy of this Negro League modded Lahman database, let me know. Incredible. I'm still working on but this will speed up my work quite a bit. We can simply copy and paste this data into Excel and create spreadsheets to import into the Lahman database. It's very similar to the process used by Dylan calculators in the Import/Export feature.

While working on teamsets this year, I've also found that the MBE files are actually renamed Microsoft Access database files. This will allow some OLE between Lahman and the MBE files. I'm off subject here now but this is a game changer.

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Im going to have to check this out aslap. wow, yea we could have used these, might have made it a lot easier. Im guessing they are using heavily the same source matter I used though, but no doubt much more heavily researched then i could have. this is good stuff.

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