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Issue With Action Replay For Original Xbox

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Bare with me while I introduce my problem, and sorry in advance if this is being posted in the wrong forum.

So since baseball season just started I decided to get back to baseball on the console. I have a PS3, an Xbox 360, and my old original Xbox. I tried MLB The Show 2012, and MLB 2k12 and ended up returning both of them because they just didn't have close to the same gameplay that MVP 2005 had.

I tracked down my old Xbox games and whipped out my copy of MVP 2005 and fired it up. I still have a decent roster from 2006, all my old settings, and whatnot.

Naturally, I headed over here to see if there were any more recent rosters available, and sure enough, in the Xbox section there's a download for a set of rosters from 2010 made by grmpr. I figured, hey, that's good enough and better than the 2006 rosters I have, and maybe I can even use them as a base to make 2012 rosters.

Herein lies the problem. I have Windows Vista on my computer, and the mechanism that I always used to get xbox files onto my memory card off of my PC was action replay. I still have my action replay USB cradle, a memory card, and the original software CD, so I figured I was golden.

Several hours later, and after doing much research, it seems that action replay doesn't work for any version of windows after XP. The software loads fine, and I can get the game save into the action replay window, but when I plug in the cradle with memory card it doesn't read it. After navigating to the device manager, it seems that it is being listed under Unknown Devices rather than under USB Devices. It simply just isn't recognizing that the cradle is a USB device at all.

A simple workaround would be to just find someone with a windows version earlier than vista, but I don't know anyone offhand that does, and I don't have access to a copy of XP to even install it virtually for the purposes of using action replay.

So my question is, how the hell can I get these rosters onto my xbox? I've downloaded a program called xplorer 360 beta 6 that is supposed to work with original xbox memory cards as well, but it has the same problem as it doesn't recognize the action replay cradle/memory card. If it helps, my xbox is soft-modded. Is my only option going to be using an FTP? Because I haven't transferred files to my xbox that way for 7 years and 2 computers ago, and I'm not trying to blow up this computer. If so, I would need a crossover cable to connect my xbox directly to my PC because I don't use a router (i just plug directly into the modem).

And don't say just get the PC version, because the cheapest I've seen it was like 45 bucks used online and I'm not paying that much for a 7 year old game, and I don't like playing sports games on my PC, never have.

Sorry if this seems ranty, been dealing with this problem for a couple days now and it's driving me nuts.

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Fortunately I was able to read your original post before you deleted it. My first advice to you is if you have that post saved is to re-post it. Someone will just move this topic to the right forum for you.

Based on what I read you are doing nothing wrong and it just sounds to me that this is strictly a compatibility issue with Vista and when that happens you really don't have a lot of options, as you found out yourself.

Maybe connecting with FTP like you said is the wisest -and safest- way for you to go with this because as you said you didn't want to mess around with Vista and your system too much.

And I understand you not wanting to spend that much on the PC version because there are some people out there asking for crazy prices for the PC game. Did you know there's some nut trying to sell a new version of Mvp 05 on Amazon for $240? Makes that $45 asking price seem a lot more reasonable.

But if you prefer playing on the original Xbox, that's fine. That's what you are comfortable with. Good luck in solving your problem.

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Does Vista have anything like a virtual console or XP mode like Windows 7 does? That's what I have to run in order to use the AR Max. After that, there's FTP with the crossover cable. That is probably the cheapest option, but I was always frustrated by it when I would use it in the past. Doing pretty much anything with the old Xbox was a headache for me honestly.

If I remember correctly, Grmrpr's old rosters that I converted for Xbox had a lot of errors that you would have to sort out with "null" roster spots.

As someone who recently quit using the Xbox in favor of the PC version, I can't recommend it enough. The price put me off on it for the longest time, but it is so much less of a headache. The Total Conversion Mods are absolutely incredible and the game looks so much better. I configured a wireless 360 control to have almost the same layout as the original Xbox control. I couldn't be more pleased. It's worth the money.

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