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Mlb 2K11 4-16-12 Rosters (Xbox 360) Updated

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2k11 marks the first time I have ever uploaded rosters to a server.

I have been updating rosters on games since EA Sports Triple Play 2002.

It's a LOT easier to do it now than it was then :)

I have done a few uploads on 2k11, my first was 4.4.2012, and I have been updating the file every day. I dl'd players that weren't in the game...I had a list for credit by gamertag, but didn't have enough space on the roster description on 2kshare, and now I can't find the list for the life of me :facepalm:

Oh well, on with the show.

Gamertag is ScorpionReaver , I uploaded a file named:

4-8-12 current as of 2pm. Actual opening day lineups & rotations if no inj

This means that some injured players (such as Howard and Utley for the Phillies) are still in their team's starting lineups. Some injured players are on the AAA teams. As a general rule ever since MVP Baseball 2004 & 2005 I have tried to keep all "real" players on the MLB and AAA teams of any particular organization.

SOME AA teams have real players, but these are few.

The lineups and pitching rotations are all set to reflect what they were on the first few days of the season.

I created a Freddy Galvis over the "super prospect" fake player Mike Podell, keeping all stats the same. Of course, this made him white instead of his actual light tan skin tone, but it eliminated a fake player and gave my roster a real one. Win-win.

I recently uploaded an update with the Astros claiming Justin Maxwell off waivers from the Yankees. This file is called

4-8-12 part2. Grrr stupid waivers

I edited all uniform numbers to be correct from the MLB website on the last few days of spring training, so everyone has their spring training numbers.

Players who were involved in transactions and had not been assigned numbers by their new teams yet were left with their original uniform numbers.

Whew! I think that's everything.

I plan to update this roster as the season progresses, as I have no plans to get 2k12 at this time.

Thanks for looking :)

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Apologies for the double post.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the dl's, and I am updating the rosters as I type.

Ramon Ortiz to the Yankees, Vandenhurk to the Pirates and editing the AAA teams' players to have their minor league jersey numbers.

GT ScorpionReaver , should be upped Monday the 16th, with any luck :)

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Upped an updated roster today.

It's got all of the latest moves, through the morning of 4-24-12.

For example: Braves option Jurrjens to minors, recall Hudson.

A's claim Luke Hughes on waivers from Twins.

Cubs trade Marlon Byrd to Red Sox for Michael Bowden.

Rangers released Justin Miller.

Lots more moves, also created and dl'd recent call-ups that weren't in the game.

All rosters, lineups, and pitching rotations current through the morning of 4-24-12.

Search the date and gt ScorpionReaver to find it.

Feedback is appreciated.


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