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Wudl83's Cyberface Thread - Use New Thread Please

Wudl's Cyberfaces  

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  1. 1. Pick the team that you would like me to update

    • Cardinals
    • Rangers
    • Brewers
    • Tigers
    • Phillies
    • Rays
    • Yankees

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Hi guys.

Perhaps you realized I recently started to make cyberfaces for players that lacked one. They all can be found in the mvpmods.com download section.

Since some of you told me that they like them and since so many faces out there are missing I will start this thread where you can make requests.


This requests simply won't work like "please make this" or "please make that". I first want to find out how you would want me to do them, regarding the order:

1) doing cyberfaces for the top players that have none

2) doing cyberfaces team by team

3) giving you some choices and run a pull 3-4 days and the faces with the most votes get one

For this I set up a poll, so please vote.


Update 04/20/2012

New Poll!

Since the maximum possible votes are set to 20 I will give you 7 choices to choose from last years play off teams. The Dbacks are done by now (only Pollock is missing, I will add him within the next few days).

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I thought of first doing those players that actually only have a generic face and THEN do those that already have one but a bad one.

Seems the poll is in favour of going team by team, so I will do this. I finished the Dbacks today and will post a complete Dback-pack where all players are in tomorrow.

I will start a new poll where you can pick your favourite team that I will work on.

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Uh... Only problem with your Poll now -- all the previous votes are still being counted for the first 3 options, which are now teams. I actually have an option to delete my vote... If I may, I suggest starting a completely new Poll.

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when you finish with those faces, you could make the washington nationals?? or only michael morse ... and also that of Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Brett Lawrie?? they are very good your faces ...

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Prince Fielder needs a face job bad.

Please make Ryan Braun!! you are the man!!! :D

I agree with both!!! Prince Fielder needs one bad!!!

I'd try to get done with some of the obvious faces first! And then fill in the team by team as you go, and hopefully they could put the cyberfaces downloads in like sections by teams just an idea but would be cool and organized!

Anyways keep up the great work and thanks!

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I don't believe Wudl intended this to become a formal request thread, guys. It was simply a poll to determine how he'd proceed to perform face updates, and a team-by-team method appears to have won. He's even changed the thread's title, so it's time to move on.

Wudl started a new thread with a team poll to see which teams he'd do, and in what order based on our votes. See here: http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=53461

With the release of his Brewers Face Pack ( http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=53489 ) it would seem they won the first round of voting.

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