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Running Over/into Catcher On Logitech Dual Analog?

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I know I've seen this particular control within the game at least once before under the Base-running controls, but it's nowhere to be found when I navigate to Control Setup from the Home screen. Strangely, it could be a mode-specific control. What I mean is, that particular control option may only be found within certain game modes, like My Player, Franchise, or maybe both. (I just checked MP mode -- it wasn't shown there while I was at-bat.) Regardless of it being mode-specific or not, it would have to be either button B or button Y on Xbox-styled controllers because A and X are already mapped to Select Runner and Slide, respectively. So, "Run-over Catcher" would have to be button 3 (B on Xbox) or button 4 (Y on Xbox) on older Logitech (and Saitek) controllers.

If you want to view one for reference, there are MLB2K12 manuals available. Unfortunately, they're all console manuals. Apparently there is no PC manual, but the Xbox-360 is the closest one to a potential PC manual. You can find them here: http://2ksports.com/manual/mlb2k12/

You'll note that nowhere within any of those manuals is the control "Run-over Catcher" found... Yeah, it's strange, because I have seen it within the game before. I just don't know where...

Also, you can just navigate to Options > My Controller > Control Setup and view all the controls for hitting, pitching, fielding, and base-running by cycling the right/left triggers... Doing so would have shown you which button controls Wall Climb.

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Like I said, I've seen it shown, but I can't remember where... I played 2k10, but I didn't play 2k11, so it had to have appeared somewhere within 2k12. And I know I saw it and actually tried to get one of my My Player characters to perform it, but it didn't work. I, of course, assumed that it just didn't freaking work, like a lot of other things in this game.

It might be a control one can only find while on-base in My Player. I went into one of my My Player careers to see if it was shown in the controls there, but it wasn't. I'd play a game and check controls while at-bat and on-base, but I've grown so frustrated by bugs and annoyances in this damned game that I haven't been able to bring myself to play at all for about a week now. I only fire-up 2k12 to check for roster updates, which have been non-existent for weeks now (barring the two which 2K pulled soon after posting them). I simply prefer to play something I actually enjoy.

Not that I mean to complain... I've just grown tired of this game's inconsistencies and actual bugs. Hopefully, a patch will do away with those things and make this a game I can enjoy.

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