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Hiheat32's Concept Uniforms

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File Name: hiheat32's Concept Uniforms

File Submitter: hiheat32

File Submitted: 18 Aug 2012

File Category: Uniforms and Accessories

Version: 1.0

Did these back in like 2009 and they weren't able to be uploaded on this website for certain reasons, but here they are.

-There are 1-3 realistic uniforms for each team in here.

-These were done in 2009, so some of these uniforms have actually become the team's uniforms (thank you very much).

-I don't have these installed anymore, but they worked with TiT back in the day so I'm assuming they work now.

-The install slots are below. These shouldn't replace any of the team's main home, away, and alt uniforms, but they may replace some throwbacks/other concepts, so pay attention when installing.

-Screenshots of every uniform are in the download.

Uniform slots:

ARI: l,m

ATL: l,m

BAL: l,m

BOS: l,m

CHC: l,m

CIN: d,l,m

CLE: l,m,n

COL: l,m

CWS: l,m

DET: k,l,m

FLA: m,n

HOU: k,l,m

KC : m,n

LAA: l,m

LAD: l,m

MIL: e

MIN: e,m

NYM: l,m,n

NYY: l,m

OAK: e,m

PHI: l,m

PIT: l,m

SD : l,m

SEA: l,m

SF : c,d

STL: l,m

TB : l,m

TEX: l,m,n

TOR: l,m

WAS: l,m

Enjoy and leave feedback. I unfortunately have retired from modding, so there will not be any updates on this file. Feel free to use these in any future mods, just give me a little credit por favor.

Click here to download this file

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