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Mlb 2K12 Date Fix On The Way!


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For everyone who might be interested, I just got off the phone with Brad from 2k Sports support.

They are aware of the date issue that is causing the game to lock up and not allowing you to play it.

(Ie; Having to set your computer date back to, or before, October 3rd to be able to play it.)

They were fixing it as we talked and he said it should be done by or before the end of the week.

HOWEVER, you will have to be connected to the Internet when starting the game up for the update to take effect. In other words, no Internet connection, no update.

While I had him on the phone, I also inquired about two other issues I curious about...

A MLB 2K12 patch for the PC: No patch will be coming.

Will there be a MLB 2K13: No. 2K12 is the final baseball game they will be making.

There you have it straight from the horse's mouth.

I hope this clears everything up for everyone.

(To Admins. You may want to make this a "Sticky".)

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I wouldn't be that upset about not having a patch. They really didn't adjust anything on the field. They adjusted angles that players take when running to the dugout and other minor animation hitches That's it. Nothing that would truly change your experience. I'm surprised their even going to patch the date bug. In fact, I doubt they will (for PC users). If it's something that requires a gamefile to be edited/updated it will not release on the PC. If it's an issue with their servers then it will release on all platforms. That's just my two cents.

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Well, It's the 21st and 2K Sports STILL has not come out with a simple fix for this date isssue.

Obviously I was lied to on the phone about the fix!

You would think a company like this would take better care of their customers! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! :angry:

There is a fix. No utilities required. Search the forum for my workaround.

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well, the date fix thing finally hit me.

I've got the game on steam and it's been working fine for me WITHOUT having to change dates or anything . . . UNTIL the calendar changed to March. Now it goes through all the "Loading [whatever file]" thing, then connects to 2k for updates and then nothing--It just hangs and hangs forever on the Verlander logo screen.

I tried the Beyondo thing and even backing the date back to February (when it DID work for me) did no good. I had to back it up to September before it finally worked.

Kind of a bummer. I thought maybe the steam version was clear of this issue but I guess not.

Oh well, as long as the Beyondo thing works it's not major. It's just a pain--and something that shoulda been fixed a long time ago.

Hey, 4 weeks from tonight and REAL games begin! YAY!!!!

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I got used to it. Start Beyondo, set date, start MLB, when loaded swith to Desktop, close Beyondo, play the game. Takes about 4-5 seconds extra time.

I KNOW I'm going to sound stupid, but what is this "Beyondo"? I googled it, and can't find it...am I missing something?


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