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Not Loading Mlb2K12


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I just purchased a family member PS3 MLB2k12. When going to start the game, after loading, it simply does not start, it seems to freeze. After ridding some space (ex a couple other games) the 2K12 game seemed to have gotten a bit further along the starting phase - but still would not get to the actual game. Does the game need more space to work (ex rid more files), does the PS3 need an upgrade (it is an earlier version). I am not familiar with what this may be... thought someone here 'might' have some ideas

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There's a glitch with MLB Today that causes the game to freeze up since there are no more days in the season to be played, although my copy (PC version) keeps October 2nd as its final day.

The problem really is a glitch in how the game syncs the MLB Today scheduling data. What you can try and do is:

1) Play with the console disconnected, set the PS3 date back to something like September 23, 2012 (where there was still baseball to be played)

2) Once the game loads up and the home screen has the "current" date of September 23rd, simply connect the console back online, log in under your PSN account and download the latest live roster. Once you download and save the latest live roster, it should boot you back to the home screen and begin syncing the MLB Today data. The last date should be October 2nd or something like that.

You can then exit the game and load it up again. It's a complicated procedure, but seeing as I don't own the PS3 version I am only trying to mirror the steps taken for the PC version.

I hope I was of some help :) Good luck!

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