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Mvp12 Roster (Standard Version - Codename: Standa)

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File Name: MVP12 roster (Standard version - CodeName: Standa)

File Submitter: ar_key

File Submitted: 08 Dec 2012

File Category: Rosters

Version: 1.7

Latest standard version of my roster. Updated batting and pitching attributtes for MLB (3 season splitts) and minor league players (2012 season). Rosters are set to 1/19/2013, no futher transaction made.  



File includes mbe and sav file, also database folder.


Just overwrite database folder with downloaded file, but back up your data first. 


Or just copy sav into your MVP documents folder and then load MV12.sav from game menu.


Or use MVPedit and export DAT files into MVP database folder.



Files contains database copy

Program Files \ EA Sports \MVP Baseball 2005 \ data \ database \

Sav file into My Documents \ Documents \ MVP folder




Click here to download this file

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Great work. I've been waiting for a roster update. Some things to fix for the next version. I'm an A's fan and some of the numbers are incorrect.

Carter #22

Moss #37

Rosales #17

Kottaras #14

Norris #36

Cespedes #52

Doolittle #62

Neshek #40

Scribner #58

Figueroa #65

Griffin #64

Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into your roster!

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