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Missionmaximus, Kccitysstar Or Vlad. . .


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Has anyone heard anything from Vlad about a Releditor update for 2k12? About a month ago, kccitystar mentioned that Vlad lives in Russia and was busy but might be making an anouncement "in a week or so" about a new version.

Ty's editor is so close to working with the 2k12 file format. In fact, I use it often for single edits. Unfortunately, if you choose any of the batch edits, it corrupts the file. I really wish I (or some friend that he trusts) could get the source code and tweak it to work.

With TY gone, I guess Vlad is the only coder around doing an editor for 2k12. I'd sure be sorry if he's gotten too busy or lost interest.

Thanks in advance!

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Ok, I'm trying to get Vlad's demo to reset the Giant's players to 99 energy, but near as I can tell, the instructions Vlad gives for an IF...THEN statement are incorrect. Vlad's help gives the syntax:


but that SEEMS like it's missing an operator. And if I use,

vay yapali Energize;

{Energize all the Giants}


i: int; !!Cycle variable

c: int;


i valli 0 ran 3600 taran tu !!Here we cycle through all the players


playersTeamID 10 = PULSAN Players.Energy 99 := UNSARAN c 0 :=; <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <-



sure enough, the line noted with <- <- gives me an error saying its expecting a token or one of "E PULSAN RAN TA TARAN TATA"

Can anyone please give me the syntactically correct version of, "If the team is the Giants then energy = 99" please?

On another note, EVERY TURK script I try to run - including Vlad's included uninjure script - gives the error "List index out of bounds ( 8)" just as it ends.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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