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New York Mets 2013

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I don't know if anyone cares but I went to newyorkmets.com and noticed they had these alternates for sale in their shop. I'm not too sure if the arm patch is correct or if they will add another to the other sleeve but I just recreated the jersey from the shop. I used ty's editor to change the colors of the helmet, undersleeves and back numbers and letters. If i tried to change the numbers and letters things got screwed up so I would recommend Ty's editor because it's quite a life saver. The only bad thing if there's a roster update you have to change the colors back all over again. The St louis cardinals are changing their road hat to red and I'm assuming their batting helmet to red as well. The Colorado Rockies have a 20th anniversary patch I'm sure they'll wear on their right sleeve.



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Jacce522, when you do thosse edits, do you use the global edit feature to change everyone at once, or do you type the edit in for each player individually? The reason I ask is that almost every time I use the global edit, the resulting .XFG file crashes the game when I try to load it. (I *know* it worked at least once, but I don't know why.)

I would love to know if anyone has figured out a way to use the global edit feature without it corrupting the Franchise file.

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