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Hiring! Are You A Baseball Fanatic/statistician Fan?


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Are you a baseball fan? Do you play Fantasy Baseball regularly?

Are you all about baseball stats that affect your fantasy team's performance?

This position may be for you!

We are a mobile gaming company that will be developing a baseball card game using MLB players' statistics. We are looking for an individual who will be responsible for converting statistics of all MLB players (25 players on 1 team/Roster should be from the end of 2012 season) into numbers ranged in the scale of 100 on to an excel file for all teams, from 2000-2012 season. (about 7,500 cards worth of data)


1. Baseball knowledge (That’s a no-brainer.)

2. Knowledge on baseball games is always a plus. (2K Baseball, MLB the Show, MVP Baseball, etc)

3. So-Cal resident is highly desirable.

4. You must possess detailed knowledge of the following criteria.

About Batter

a. The hitter’s characteristics (Is he a stray hitter? Gapper? Slugger? Speedy guy? Slow runner? Contact hitter? Hit-and-miss hitter? Injury prone?)

b. Stats (AVG, SLG, OPS, stolen bases/percentage, SO, fielding %, split stats for switch hitters, and etc.)

c. Status (veteran or rookie? everyday player? Platoon player? Utility player?)

About Pitcher

a. Characteristics of the pitcher (fireballer? Finesse type? How’s his pitching control? Is he a strikeout pitcher? Does he pitch for contact? Control issues? Pitch speed? Injury prone?))

b. Stats (ERA, BB, SO, speed, control, etc)

c. Status (veteran or rookie? Starter? Reliever? Closer? Spot starter? Long relief?)

5. Latest news/updates/transactions

6. Knowing history behind MLB is a must.

7. Anything that hardcore/statistician baseball fans would know.

8. Common knowledge of PC/MAC setting (You don’t have to be computer savvy, but you have to know how to work with Microsoft Office software, especially Excel program.)

Stats Given:

You will be given access to the most up-to-date MLB stats. Some of the stats that you will be working with are as follow:

Batter Stats

Games played, At-Bats, Runs scored, Hits (Double/Triple/HR), Strikeouts, Stolen bases, Caught stolen base attempts, AVG, OBP, SLG, OPS, and etc.

Pitcher Stats

Wins/losses, ERA, Games started/pitched, Complete Games, Shutouts, Saves, Hold, Innings pitched, Runs, Earned runs, HRs allowed, BBs allowed, Strikeouts, AVG against batters (left/right), WHIP, and etc.

What you will have to come up with aside from the official stats.

(Try answering these questions to see if you are qualified for this position.)

Examples only. Actual work might vary.

About Batter

1. Does he pull or hit to the opposite field?

2. Is he fast? (Leadoff or 5-tool player)

3. Does he play good/poor defense? Good/average arm? (Affect Defense stats)

4. Does he take an aggressive or conservative approach?

5. Is he the clubhouse leader? Captain? (Leadership capabilities)

6. Is he a veteran or rookie? (Experience points)

About Pitcher

1. Is he a power pitcher or finesse pitcher who relies on pitch commands? (Affects Power/Speed and Control stats)

2. If he’s a starter, is he an inning-eater? Or is he only able to manage bare amount of innings? (5-6 innings)

3. If he’s a reliever, is he a long relief/spot starter? One-point specialist? Set-up guy in the 8th? Relief pitcher in the 7th in a winning situation?

4. If he’s a closer, does he dominate batters with speed? Does he result in lots of groundouts? Save percentage? Is he a reliable closer?

5. Is he the clubhouse leader? Captain? (Leadership capabilities)

6. Is he a veteran or rookie? (Experience points)

If you're interested, please email baseballgamedatacompany@gmail.com for more details.

Thank you!

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