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Mlb2K12 Ultimate Roster 2013 Beta


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File Submitter: WundaBreadz

File Submitted: 14 Mar 2013

File Category: Rosters

This is by no means a finished product, this is just the BETA version of the roster meant as a form of a preview of what is to come once the finalized roster is released. I have been working on this project for awhile now yet there is still MUCH work to be done, sorry for the delay but I am dedicating the majority of my time to this project and hope to have it completed ASAP!

Version 1 of the BETA includes the following:

-All Transactions up to March,14,2012 since the last MLB 2k12 Roster update.

- No fake players (excluding the minor leaguers).

- Real portraits for most fake players

- Chronic Injuries for those players who are injured often and with lasting injuries.

- Nicknames for players who have them to the best of my knowledge and based on study.

- 2013 staff with updated years pro, ratings, and cyberfaces. (Please note that this is only for all the Major league staff and is based on extensive study of each coach,trainer,scout,etc.)

- New Minor League Teams (This includes the switching of the Buffalo Bisons and Las Vegas 51's as well as the addition of the RailRiders and Reading Fightin Phils)

- All ratings done for Angels, and Astros system as well as Athletics Major league roster.

- Angels Minor League system, some Astros minor leaguers. (This includes, ratings, what the player wears, batting stances, and pitching stances.)

- 2012 stats for Angels, Astros, and A's players.

- Free Agent catchers career stats, free agent needs, potential, and ratings finished. (The only catcher I didn't do was Mike Redmond as I felt he didn't need them since he is coach of Miami in this game)

- Potential for all real players have been given accurate ratings based on different aspects such as a value system I created based on Baseball Americas prospect value rankings which is used to detirmine rookies potential ratings. The potential ratings were done using number values in Ty's editor and not done in game with stars.

- Records are updated (This means the career home run record now belongs to Barry Bonds for instance, as well as other records belonging to rightful owners. Some team records I was unable to do because there was no way to detirmine which record belonged to which teams for the ties. But for the most part records are updated!)

-All hidden batting stances/pitching styles have been included for rightful players as well as updated stances for players where needed.

- Angels, Astros, and A's players have updated cyberfaces.(I'd reccommend downloading most of the cyberface mods on here as I have most downloaded and my roster has the players set to those faces so if you don't it's possible the player could show up totally different for you than it does for me.)

- Contracts have been updated.

Still to come for later versions at later date:

-Minor leaguers for all teams.

-2013 schedule imported into Roster.

- Double A and Single A managers

- Ratings done for all players through all systems.

-2012 stats for all players, as well as career stats for all the converted fake players.

-Updated cyberfaces for generic cyberfaces for players on all other teams.

Special thanks goes out to Wudl for his calculator in which I used for input on some players or when I was having trouble detirmining ratings here and there and to the community for help with issues with different parts of roster. Another special thanks to the creator of Reditor Vlad for without Reditor alot of this would not be possible!

To put Roster in game locate your MLB 2k12 folder And place the roster in the saved game section, an alternate way is to load Ty's editor and where you can load a roster, drag the UltimateRoster2013.ROS file into there and Voila!

Click here to download this file

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Awesome mod file!!!!!!! I have played a couple of games with Houston and was overjoyed to see that you not only have the actual 2013 schedule but them in the AL, too!!!!!!!!!! One small request: if possible, can you please add their new uniforms to the file? I attemped to load someone else's new unis file to yours and failed to do so. I am not the most PC literate person in the world.

Again, great file. I look forward to continuing to enjoying and playing out the 2013 season with your file. Want to finally get my Reds and Orioles to World Series titles again.

Thank you

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Thanks friend and unfortunately I haven't edited wither of those teams yet minus potential, transactions, and contracts but I will reach them sometime soon add dothe ratings and prospects as well as a portrait pack I am working on to go with the roster!!

As for the jerseys I can't put them in the game because they aren't apart of the roster files but a par of the uniform.iff files, i'm not on my computer to give you the exact name but I believe it is hoa_uniform.iff or somethin of that like. If you download the astros jersey mod on here and overlay and replace the files in your MLb 2k12 directoey with the downloaded file it should work fine!

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Thanks and Sorry I downloaded a good amount of cyberface mods on here so some don't match up like with the player you are pointing out, he has a downloaded cyberface from this site and that was the player head Twnlove assigned him so I changed it to that. I'd reccommend downloadin the Wei-Yin Chen cyberface off of here to fix the problem. But also alot of players on teams still have generic faces because i'mesiting the faces as I go along ediing each team so in the last and final BETA I plan to release until this project is finished only the players on the Angels, A's, and Astros hve updated faces. And than alot of cyberfaces I have downloaded and imported into game with some being changed which was why I reccommended downloading some of them off here in the description. I can try to change that in the final version though, i'm sure it isn't har to change the name of the file but I have to first make sure the said player head isn't in use by another player.

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Two quick questions:

1. With Aroldis Chapman now going to be in the bullpen this year, will his Stamina stat and role change with the next BETA to reflect that?

2. If possible, could you please list off the cyberface packs that you used while making this roster? This is just so I can gauge what I have downloaded already, and still need to download.

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For number one If a player has started in the past, depending on how long ago it was and based off of study into each player as well as scouting reports and statistics/savermetrics I ten to give them fair stamina and what I thinkreflects them. So because a player is a converted close or reliever but has been a starter than they won't have a terrible stamina rating. I haven't yet reached the Reds nor studied much up on Chapman yet but if he has been a starter and can be one than I will do my best to reflect that in his stamina and as for the portrait packs I will list which ones I have used when I release the final version defiantly! Currently i'd say the first 3-4 pages of cyberface downloads are in the game but I haven't yet gotten into downloading the rest of the packs I want to use but once I finish up with ratings and minor leaguers as well as a few other touches like final rosters, jersey numbers, and lineups than I will ge into downloading more cyberface packs and listing which ones I used.

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Hmmmm...I am using Windows Vista Ultimate. I found 2K12 Folder in Program Files but there is NO "Saved Games" folder there. Would that folder be loacted somewhere else?

you need to have to look for a folder 2k12 or mlb2k12 in user/appdata/roaming .. there must be the save games folder

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Hmmmm...I am using Windows Vista Ultimate. I found 2K12 Folder in Program Files but there is NO "Saved Games" folder there. Would that folder be loacted somewhere else?

You could just search your computer for "Major League Baseball 2K12", and you'll find the folder with it.

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