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Mod Mvp Teams 13

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File Name: MOD MVP TEAMS 13 1.1

File Submitter: jeferomer

File Submitted: 13 Apr 2013

File Category: Total Conversion Mods

Version: 1.1


This is the mvp 2013 MODS, roter updated 03-May-2013 till date with over 400 pictures updated, new overlay, more audio, more faces, new uniforms 2013 etc, I want to thank all the staff who worked with me during all these months in the making of this particularly wilmer101 mods, oscarkakacr9, cagm09 and I want to dedicate the game to one of the largest such updates by Eduardo guaro1379 better known as my buddy thanks for all your dedication to this game and I want that when you download it you tell your wife that the fruits of your work were the inspiration for many of us to continue with this game that is not just a baseball game if not in the flesh, thanks for booze as you are, I hope all to enjoy ..
some face installed attention kyleb
1-Wilson Ramos-58
2-Marwin Gonzalez-167
3-Jesus Gusman-437
4-Brayan Villareal-120
5-Cris Jhonson-31
6-Zack Wheeler-300
7-Frank Francisco-263
8-Matt Adams-225
9-Matt Carpenter-46
10-Jin Ryu-18
11-Raul Valdes-292
12-Alexis Amarista-175
13-Hector Noesi-730
14-Jose Mijares-12
15-Gorkys Hernandez-126
16-Ronald Belisario-59
17-Pedro Frorimon-828
18-Hernesto Frieri-13
19-Fernando Abad-47
20-Grego Blanco-73
21-Jackie Bradley-639
22-Hector Gimenez-147
23-Juan Francisco-233
24-Esmil Rogers-354
25-Starling Marte-98
26-Collin Cowgill-16
27-Jenrri Mejia-392
28-Kirk Nieuwenhuis-201
29-Mike Baxter-267
30-Luis Mendoza-421
31-Bruce Rondon-56
32-Ramiro Peña-70
33-Hector rondon-308
34-Jose Fernandez-61
ID number of unofficial
1-Michael Ynoa -5714
2-Carter Capps-5715
3-Jose Fernandez-5716
Full credit to jogar84, jed and faces by juan123

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