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This week in this thread we draw attention to a modder that created mods for a very small minority of users in here and a modder who created a variety of mods for MLB2k12. And in a return to our behind the scenes modders we pay tribute to a guy who helped make editing your Mvp '05 simple and fast.



I am confident in saying that most people who have been members here have not tried kado456's mods at any time for one simple reason.His mods were made for the original X-Box and to use them you needed to have a modified version of that console. He has made mods for Mvp Baseball 2005 and NCAA Baseball 2006 and if you are able to use his mods you'll discover he had a nice variety of choices for the X-Box gamer on Mvpmods. Stadiums, datafiles and team logos are some of the mods he has made. The X-Box games do not get a lot of attention here but the work kado456 did for it deserve as much recognition as its PC counterpart.

Kado456's Minor League and Spring Training Stadiums v1 for the XBOX MVP Baseball 2005


MVPMods Xbox Overlay for MVP Baseball 2005


Pirate's Chase Field Conversion for the XBOX MVP Baseball 2005


Kado456's MVP 06 NCAA Baseball Datafile(s) Set v1.0


Kado456's Enhancement Pack for MVP 06 NCAA Baseball XBOX v1


If you own MLB2k12 there is a very good chance you have some of DaSteelerz' mods installed in your game and if you have not you are missing out. He has created stadiums -many of which have had over 1,000 downloads- along with rosters, portrait packs and a series of graphic mods that have really brought out the beauty of the last PC game that 2k Sports made. Each mod looks professionally done and it is no wonder that his work is highly praised by 2k12 users consistently.

DaSteelerz Lumina Graphics Mod (ENB+FXAA) 1.4


Petco Park 2k16


Marlins Park Tribute Edition 1.5


MLB 2K17 Roster 1.0.0


Fenway Park 2k17


2016 Wrigley Field

Behind the Scenes
If you are a Mvp '05 game player you will have heard of Mvp Edit. It is,as the file description in the mod so aptly states, "THE definitive Roster Editor for MVP Baseball 2005." It certainly is. Consider this for a moment. This little utility has almost 30,000 downloads since rglass agreed to let Trues host it on this site back in 2008. Before then you could only download it from his website. To this day this mod has been practically a required tool for anyone who wished to tweak their rosters to their own choosing.


Another thing that rglass did was when Mvp 2005 came out he made a profile that unlocked all the uniforms and stadiums that the game had. This was before the famous Katie Roy trick was discovered. But before that easter egg was brought to light this was how many users were able to access everything in the game right away,


Rglass95 was a modder who did not make a lot of mods. He does have two sky modification mods he made for Mvp baseball 2004 but with Mvp Edit and the profile that I mentioned that helped others fully enjoy Mvp '05, his contributions to this game can never be discounted.


Mvpedit 2006.2

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This week we take a look at a modder who created quite a number of minor league uniforms for Mvp 2005 and a full set of major league uniforms for Mvp Baseball 2004 and a modder who restored (colorized) the classic stadiums found in Mvp '05. And our behind the scenes modder is a guy whose work is very well known to anyone who has spent time playing Total Classics Phase 10.



RAM, or rambully (his original screen name) was a uniform modder who made a very good looking MLB uniform set for Mvp Baseball 2004 at the time that more well known uniform modders like KcCitystar and Umachines were creating total MLB sets themselves. RAM's MLB set has almost been lost to time on this web site since he made them for a game that gets very little attention anymore but his uniforms for that game, like the other modders mentioned here, improved the look of Mvp '04 immensely. When Mvp rolled around he went in another direction as he concentrated on making uniforms for the minor league teams in the game.

Ram's Tacoma Rainiers -M's AAA - 2xlite


Ram's Bakersfield Blaze - Rangers A- 2xlite


Ram's Richmond Braves -Braves AAA- 2xlite


Ram's Umpires 2xlite uni for Mvp 2005


Seattle alternate road unis by rambully (for Mvp 2004)




At first I was going to place Rusmur in the behind the scenes category but after thinking it over I decided that wouldn't have been the right place for him because even though people may not be familiar with his name these days, his work in the total classics and total conversion mods are very recognizable to anyone who has used these mods. Rusmur was the modder who restored the classic ballparks in the game and colorized them and when he did that those old stadiums almost looked brand new. It takes a lot to create a total conversion mod and Rusmur's input was a big part of it.

Color restored Shibe Park


Color restored Sportsman's Park v1.0


Color restored Griffith Stadium


Color restored Classic Fenway


Color restored Forbes Field


Behind the Scenes


Before there was a Total Classics, people like deadballfan used to create something called "team packages." These mods replaced minor league team slots in Mvp 2004 with classic teams from the past and they included the full team roster,logo and portraits. Many people are not aware of the fact that the first total classics was for Mvp 2004 and it included team packages from deadballfan and many others such as Trues,Jim825, AlexTony, Yankees763 and Fuzzone.


These team packages were the predecessors of the total classics mod. You would have to download these separately to put in your game before Fuzzone had the idea of combining all of these team packages when he created the first edition of Total Classics. Without these complete team packages from people like deadballfan, this mod would look drastically different.

1894 Baltimore Orioles Team Pack for TC 10

  This pack is designed to replace either the 2006 Detroit Tigers or 1962 NY Mets (your choice) in Total Classics 10.
1910 Philadelphia A's Package by deadballfan  (for Mvp 2004)


1968 St. Louis Cardinals (for Mvp 2004)


1909 Detroit Tigers Package with Logos (for Mvp 2004)


1905 New York Giants Package w/Logos by deadballfan and Fuzzone (for Mvp 2004)


  Please note: I just provided the links so you can view the early work that made Total Classics what it is today. You do not need to download any of these team packages that you see here because they are all included in Total Classics Phase 10. Thank you.


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I'm late to the party lol .. many thanks for the post Y4L.  To the community this game really gave me hours of joy modding & playing and it always makes me smile to see this game and mvpmods alive and well  .. A few guys from the Xbox scene I'd liked to mention that I had the pleasure of modding with Gordo, bryan_hayeszo & Hollywood165561.  And a guy I never got a chance to work with, and really wish I could have, but he was legendary for us modded console guys "themewin". 


With the new season upon us I think I might hook up the old mod box and take a trip down memory lane ^_^ Thanks again guys !!!!!

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7 hours ago, kado456 said:

I'm late to the party lol .. many thanks for the post Y4L.  To the community this game really gave me hours of joy modding & playing and it always makes me smile to see this game and mvpmods alive and well  .. A few guys from the Xbox scene I'd liked to mention that I had the pleasure of modding with Gordo, bryan_hayeszo & Hollywood165561.  And a guy I never got a chance to work with, and really wish I could have, but he was legendary for us modded console guys "themewin". 


With the new season upon us I think I might hook up the old mod box and take a trip down memory lane ^_^ Thanks again guys !!!!!


No need to thank me man. Your work speaks for itself. And I did not forget guys like themewin and Hollywood. I have X box people that have not been done yet but they will be included too.

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This week in this thread we go all the way back to Mvp Baseball 2004 to thank two modders whose work that they did in that game deserves recognition. One is a uniform modder who mostly made throwback uniforms and a X-box modder who updated quite a number of stadiums for console version of Mvp '04.


Carter, (or Cartersyard) was mostly a throwback uniform modder for Mvp Baseball 2004 and he only made his uniforms for Mvp '04 because when '05 came out there were so many people putting out full MLB sets and with Sandman and Fizzjob making many throwback ones, he felt there was not a need for him to continue. Based on the work that he did in '04 as evident in the provided screen shot of the Seattle Pilots home uniform he made we could have used another talented uniform creator for the next edition of Mvp Baseball.

Houston Colt 45's - Home Uniforms (for Mvp 2004)


1965 Washington Senators Home Uniform (for Mvp 2004)


San Diego Padres - Camouflage (for Mvp 2004)


1944 Brooklyn Dodgers Alternate Uniform (for Mvp 2004)


1969 Seattle Pilots - Home Uniform (for Mvp 2004)




If anyone is interested in using any of these made-for-2004 uniforms in Mvp 2005 you are in luck. I checked with Jim825, a guy who knows more about uniforms than I ever will, and he confirmed that uniforms that were made for Mvp 2004 can be used in Mvp 2005. At the same time uniforms made for Mvp '05 can not be used in Mvp '04.



The_Super was another modder that basically has gone unnoticed because of the platform in where he did his work in and when he did it. While he did contribute five stadiums to the 2005 version of the Xbox, the majority of his mods were for the game's 2004 version on the Microsoft console. Again I must confess that I have never used any of his mods and that was because my Xbox was not modded. However the people around back then who were able to take advantage of the complete set of stadium mods he made for the game were very happy with them. And that is what this thread is all about. Providing recognition and thanks to modders who made a difference in this community.

Xbox - Metrodome (for Mvp 2004)


Xbox - Jacobs Field Update (for Mvp 2004)


Xbox - Edison Field Update (for Mvp 2004)


Xbox - Turner Field Update (for Mvp 2004)


Coors Field Xbox 2005 - Conversion of Pirate's PC Stadium (for Mvp 2005)

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The modders represented this week are two more names that really won't jump out at you because of the work they did and when they did it. Even though they were not high-profile modders like Dennis James or KC or Pirate, etc, etc, it still does not diminish their contributions to the modding community here at Mvpmods. One was a guy who made camera and datafile mods that significantly changed the perspective of the ballpark that gave it a new outlook as compared to what we were normally used to seeing. The second modder is another member of the Xbox community who contributed so much to the users who played this game on the console.


Also, as  I asked a few weeks back I wanted people to bring to my attention names of modders that have not been featured in here. There is a list a few posts up from this that will tell you every name I have done already. I have now completed my updated list and I hope you enjoyed reading about these guys as much as I have writing about them in here.



I would imagine that datafiles and camera angle views have to be as difficult to create and to be satisfied with the end result as any other part of the game that has been modded over the years. Maybe more so because if there is a mistake in any one part of it people will notice right away and that's where the criticisms begin. Ask any roster maker over the years how many complaints he gets when a player is not up to speed according to someone else.


Murph4thehall created some very good field cameras that have really gone unnoticed over the years and that is partly because he has not been here in almost ten years and his work has been buried in the pages of mods that we have in the Mvp '05 download area. His Turner Field cam is especially good and if you want to see how good it is you should play a game in that park before you install his camera mod and then after you install it. You'll see a very pronounced difference.

Fenway Park Cams v1.1


Turner Field Cams v1.0


New Aerial and Zoom Cams


Adjusted Speed ratings


Fieldturf 2.0 (for Mvp 2004)


    Fieldturf 2.0 for the Trop, Metrodome, and Rogers Centre. More detail in the Trop and Metrodome rugs,and Rogers is also improved.


Themewin was an Xbox modder who ported some of the most popular PC mods over to the console so they could be played there. By doing that he became one of the most admired and popular supporters of the Xbox community during his time here. Because of themewin Xbox users were able to use mods like Hory's Total Portraits and KcCitystar's uniform set in their game.


Newer members to Mvpmods may wonder why there was so much attention geared towards the Xbox version of the game when all the mods that they see are for the PC version and nothing else. That is not how it was when Mvp first came out. There were people very happy with their Xbox game and they had no interest in acquiring the PC equivilant. That's partly because of the work you see below from themewin.

Total Portraits 2007 - Xbox


Polo Grounds - New York -Version 2.0 - Xbox


Total MLB Uniform Pack v1.25 - Xbox


Xbox Cyberface Updates 1.2


Total Audio 2005 0.51 Xbox conversion


Inistaz.big update (gloves, bats, etc.) - Xbox



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  • 5 years later...

It has been quite awhile -over five years to be exact- that this thread has had a contribution to the modders list here on this site but because of the significant additions that these two modders have made they are more than worthy to be included in this list I began originally over ten years ago. And the behind the scenes modder is someone that newer people will not know but once again if you played any of the total classics mods you will have heard his work without knowing you did.




Alfre2jose has been a member for five years now and has proven to be one of our most well liked members as well as someone who has created some of the best rosters, league schedules and audio packs for Mvp 2005 that have been uploaded on the site. While we all can appreciate how time consuming it is to assemble a roster and do it correctly so all the attributes for each player is right, creating good sounding audio for the game is just as difficult and time consuming. While this all may be true Alfre2jose makes it seem effortless.


MVP22 - Full Levels Roster 1.0.3




2023 MLB+MiLB Season Schedule 1.0.0


MVP23 - MLB Players Audio vol. 2


2020 Play by play Audio Pack





Omarito has been a member here since 2013 and began making his first portrait mods in 2019. He has done a tremendous job and now when you know that a player has been traded from one team to the next you can be sure of Omarito getting an updated photo to make for the game. It really does make a difference when you see of a player who got traded at the trade deadline have a new portrait ready to be put into your game. I know I am not the only one to say how grateful I am to these two modders for making a game that came out eighteen years ago looking so brand new.


Portraits 2023 (September, 2023)


Portraits Trade Deadline 1.0.0 (2021)


Portraits 2023 (Dated August 22, 2023. More than three hundred and fifty portraits!)


American East teams Portraits 1.0.0 (2022)



Behind the Scenes




While EDM did have a handful of mods he was more well known for background work when the season mods were being put together. If you happened to hear any walkup music for someone while you were playing Total Classics Phase ten for example then you have been hearing his work all this time now. His walkup music blended in well with the game at all times and never dominated it. EDM has not been here in nine years but his work is still appreciated.


Batter walkup music


Portraits for MVPsavereader v1.1



Some of you may be wondering what exactly is the Mvpsavereader? This is an old utility that was uploaded here in July of 2005 by RichKo. It has been lost over time but it was updated twice.





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