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Anyone Interested In An Online Season On Mlb 2K12 Pc?

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I haven't tested the online component of Mlb 2k12 for quite sometime... but a while ago I was able to play some fellow MVPMODS friends online and the game-play was actually very smooth and playable. We also attempted to start an online season and a few of us had actually completed games successfully. Shortly after that was the date glitch and the 2k online servers went down for months and months killing our online season. Well recently I have noticed that 2k seems to have all the online servers working well again and I want to test out another online season if I can finds others that are interested. I want to start small and do an 8 team 20 game season with a 4 team playoff with 5 games series'. I have it set up to be a fantasy draft since the only roster you can use is the very out dated default "online roster" that 2k has uploaded to their servers. I am looking for 7 other people that can dedicate some time to playing this through and can also be flexible enough to work with others to set up mutually convenient game times. Those who have strong internet connections are preferable since all games will be played live online with other users. The nice part is that it allows you to play games out of order so you can play the games on your schedule with whoever is available at that time. If you are interested in joining this "Online Season" please message me or post a response to this thread. I'm not too sure what kind of interest there is for this but if it works well 2K allows up to 30 teams and even 162 game season(though that would be next to impossible to do with so many conflicting schedules) but we could expand the teams and season length if all goes as planned. I have already created this online season in 2K and will give the password out to the first 7 people that contact me and can meet the basic requirements listed above. I am a Braves fan so I have chosen to control Atlanta in this season...but all other teams are still available.

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I've only played the game on consoles here and there, but if a viable league could get going (and I'd assume the proximity of players would have to be relatively close for good connection), I would certainly consider buying the game for this. I miss league play.

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