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Mlb2K12 Pc And Online Access

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Twice this week I have attempted to play my PC disc. It made is through all of the intro screens then when it should have went to MLB today, it stayed stuck on the intro. The last time this happened was earlier this year when the date change issue happened with the PC game and no one could play it. Has there been some recent change with the PC version again and 2k servers or just some drama on my end? I am able to play NBA2k14 PC with no issues.

Thank you for your feedback.

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I just tried to play my game again. It's strange that the game will play a demo if I don not press start to access everything. It goes through all of the screen responses (ie..loading rosters, loading, MLB Today) then it freezes on the cover screen after is saves the setting and rosters. I don't get it. Please help, anyone!!!

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still having same issue with game loading but not going past main screen. It locks up after updating with MLB Today. I downloaded the PC update last year when it came out. Maybe I will try it again.

Try this...

1st.: Set your computers date back to September 1st, 2013.

2nd: Once the game has loaded press "ALt+Tab" and then change your PC's date back to the current date.

3rd: "ALT+TAB" back into MLB2k12

4th: go to 2KShare or try to access the online features... it will make you sign in and then it should start downloading some basic stuff for the MLB Today

5th: Save your user settings and it should load from then on normally with the correct date showing at the top.

Hope this helps...it worked for me. I do believe you need the patch installed for this to work.

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I bought the game in Amazon two weeks ago and patched it right away. I was able to go online last week, I tried again now and is working OK. No need to change system date for me.

Did you try uninstalling and installing the game again?

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Last resort will be uinstall and install again, Tried what BSU Fan said and still locks up at main screen. Last thing before hand it says updating MLB Today. then game locks up on main screen. Am clueless as to why it is doing so. Game played well in December and early January. Now this. Thanks for feedback, folks.

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My saga continues. The game worked for one day. Next day, had same issues again. I got upset and deleted everything. I am starting from scratch out of frustation. I have started adding mod stuff again, starting with stadiums, will add rosters and uniforms when become available. I changed the date back to July 1, 2012 and the game played well tonight. Have no clue as to what is going on.

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