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2014 Major League Schedule

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File Name: 2014 Major League Schedule

File Submitter: DylanBradbury

File Submitted: 03 Feb 2014

File Category: Miscellaneous

Version: 1.0

Installation Instructions

1. Backup your original schedule.big file in Program Files/MVP Baseball 2005/data/database folder.

2. In your team.dat file, insure Houston Astros' line reads as follows:

00b87f3f1,0 Hou,1 Houston,2 Astros,3 HOU,4 0,5 0,6 22,7 0,8 1,9 0,10 0,11 0,12 1,13 0,14 0,15 0,16 0,17 0,18 0,19 0,20 1,21 0,22 0,23 0,24 0,25 0,26 0,27 0,28 2,29 2,30 0,31 2,32 2,33 2,34 1,35 0,36 0,37 1,38 0,39 0,40 0,41 2,42 1,43 2,44 2,45 1,46 1,47 2,48 2,49 1,50 2,51 1,52 2,53 1,54 0,;

(Just follow the directions here: http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=54548&#entry637425)

3. Copy the schedule.big file you just downloaded to your Program Files/MVP Baseball 2005/data/database folder.

4. Confirm replace.

5. The 2014 MLB Schedule should be loaded into MVP.


Additional Instructions

If you have tywiggins' Schedule Updater/Year Changer, you can change the year to 2014, rather than the default 2005.

1. When you get to the team select screen, ALT-TAB out of MVP.

2. Load Schedule Updater.

3. Select option 1 and change the year to 2014, and choose if you want players' ages to change.

4. The 2014 season starts on March 22. Select option 3, and choose "1" to set the schedule to temporarily move the schedule to March 31.

5. Select option 3, and choose "9" to set the schedule to start on March 22.

6. ALT-TAB back into MVP and continue as usual.


Like last year, there are instances of game times still being "TBA." I just estimated, hope that's OK.

Take care,


Click here to download this file

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I'm having a issue w/ schedule updater that I hope someone can help me with. When I ALT-TAB out of the game to update the year to 2014, the schedule updater loads for two or three seconds in the command prompt screen & then goes away. I have reinstalled the program, tried the 2008, 2009 & the regular schedule updater. I have tried running as administrator (Windows 7, 32 bit). I have installed netframework 4.51 & the other Microsoft files that might be required & nothing has worked. I have the 2013 season from last year that is the default schedule so I guess I could simulate a whole year to get to 2014 but that would create other issues. Any ideas? Thanks

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This was discussed last spring, you can search for the thread. I ended up putting a shortcut to the updater on the desktop, so when I tab out of the game I can just click on the shortcut and run it. I cannot recall if this was one of the issues that was resolved by installing MVP to the desktop instead of the Programs folder, but that proved to be the solution to a number of issues I was having with MVP on Windows 7. It was quite a long thread last year, so you will probably find a solution in there somewhere.

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Hey Redbeard,

Thanks for the quick reply. I have searched all of the threads regarding this & it looks like it works for some & not for others. I tried what you had suggested w/ the clean install, MVP patch 3, MVP patch 5 & then MVP 2013. I've moved the schedule all around (desktop, C:easportsmvp2005) & have tried running it w/ admin mode & all I get is 1 or 2 seconds of the command prompt & then it goes away.

I was running XP up until two weeks ago & never had any issues. Everything else works fine & maybe someone will figure out a work around,

Do you think it would be possible (if a 2014 mod is released) for the modders to have the season automatically start w/ the new year (2014) or would that be a violation of some sort? Thanks again.

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When you mention moving the schedule to different folders, are you talking about the schedule.big or the schedule updater? Schedule.big goes into your data folder, the schedule updater is the program I mentioned pacing on the desktop. Once I started running it from the desktop, it worked for me. Admin mode never affected anything for me, the only thing that worked for me was doing the clean install, etc. to a folder on the desktop, due to issues with Win7.

If you want to have the schedule display any year but 2005, you will need to use schedule updater to get there. There is no way to alter the displayed year in a mod. If you are able to get the 2014 schedule to come up in game, but the year displays as 2005, you are still 90% there. The ages will be wrong, and the year will be wrong, but neither of these affects gameplay. I can't revisit everything I did to get it to work, as it was a big pain, but the biggest thing was running MVP from a folder on the desktop. Good luck!

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I tried the option to make the ages reflect 2014, rather than them being "14" or "20" etc, using the scheduler updater program, but this doesnt seem to have made the change.. am i missing something here?

The schedule itself is perfect.. i was able to move the days back to april 1st with the tool and the year reads 2014 though.

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