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Baseup! Rosters 2014 (Trade Deadline Ed.)

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July 31st is the deadline and depending on what hour by which teams must finalize deals, the roster set will be available that night or August 1st.

This set will feature the usual, but with one additional major tweak: since the game loves to move pitchers up from the minors with good stamina into relievers spots, I'll be significantly reducing stamina for all pitchers at minor league levels. Therefore, if you use a certain team, you may end up with a guy in the minors whose stamina is lower than you'd expect. However, I have tested this and it keeps the present rotations fairly intact.

Also, position players in the minors with contact and/or power ratings below 65 will get pushed down further so that they will less likely be called up.

To be clear, I might end up releasing 4 different versions in the set versus 3.

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Bravooooooooo daflyboys.

I have a doubt, you know that I have made changes in the positions of batting, tones the skin, etc...

When climb new updated list, only I do backup of file attrib and then replacement,

not me dara problems the roster?

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It's appearing as if I can import AL/NL All-Star teams via MVPedit. Good possibility that they will be available in the roster set. Of course, many guys will need to be left off. Plan is 16 fielders and 9 pitchers/team. Fielders will be included based on no. of ABs and who entered the game earliest. Pitchers left off with least amount of appearance time.

Addendum: Set up and imported both squads into an active roster and everything worked. Was able to play an inning and also simulate a regular season with no problems. The rosters will be the following:


A McCutchen CF
Y Puig RF
T Tulowitzki SS
P Goldschmidt 1B
G Stanton DH
A Ramirez 3B
C Utley 2B
J Lucroy C
C Gomez LF
C Blackmon CF
J Harrison LF
D Gordon 2B
D Mesoraco C
H Pence RF
S Castro SS
F Freeman 1B
A Wainwright
C Kershaw
A Simon
Z Greinke
T Clippard
F Rodriguez
C Kimbrel
T Watson
A Chapman



D Jeter SS
M Trout LF
R Cano 2B
M Cabrera 1B
J Bautista RF
N Cruz DH
A Jones CF
J Donaldson 3B
S Perez C
A Ramirez SS
Y Cespedes LF
D Norris C
J Altuve 2B
J Abreu 1B
M Brantley CF
A Beltre 3B
F Hernandez
J Lester
Y Darvish
C Sale
M Scherzer
S Kazmir
G Holland
S Doolittle
G Perkins

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