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Mvp Blue Jays Conversion Mod

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File Name: MVP Blue Jays Conversion Mod

File Submitter: cujomatty

File Submitted: 30 Jan 2015

File Category: Total Conversion Mods

Version: 1.0

This mod was initially a personal project never intended for release but I figured WTH. I started it after I had MVP 13 installed so that was the base for the files I extracted. I believe all the files in this mod are originals but like I said MVP 13 was the base so if any of the authors of that mod see something in mine they don't want shared I will gladly remove.

I created a file that puts the new area in centre field at rogers centre with the Rogers and Budweiser signs but because I added it to the Rogers centre mod created for MVP 13 mod I only included the bmp file of the new area out of respect of the original author. you can add it with biggui and fsh tool.

I also included a new fielding vector logo.

This mod works best with the Rogers network overlay available in downloads and MVP 14.


Totally redid all the overlays and scoreboard to be similar to the one rogers sportsnet uses. redid logos to OOTP type ones I was using. Added music including the Bat Boys OK Blue Jays song. In between innings and game intros music is the rogers sportsnet music. And a bunch of other little changes.

Unfortunately there is 7 parts to download lol.

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This was some nice work, especially if you are a Blue Jays fan.


I know i extracted it way back to check it out, but it shouldn't be any different to install as any other mod.

I didn't install it, i just extracted it to a different location to view it.


Just make sure you download all the parts, and open part 1 first and they all should open and combine i believe.


As far as the 2015 roster?

Don't remember, but since it's a total conversion mod and released in 2015 i don't see why not? The roster could be 2014

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1 hour ago, droidbot25 said:

Thanks in responding but I check and there no 2015 update roster for this mod.  Just asking how do I install 10th Anniv 2015 MVP Baseball rosters to this mod, it has all updated roster and pics?   Please let me know and thanks for your help


Don't because if you do you are asking for trouble. What I mean by that is that the roster for the 10th Anniversary mod is very different from the roster that goes here with this one. As far as I see there is no updated roster for this mod. If you use another roster you will crashes.

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