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You can post them here if you wish.

I will have an updated portrait pack this weekend as well as an update to the roster posted in the total mod w/ correct portrait ID numbers for every player.

Sweet.  Now this is what I've noticed so far...I should have more stuff to add as I play more games.


Arkansas Travelers (Angels AA affiliate): Cal Towey's portrait in the game is Dusty Baker's lol.  The number I see here is 8006 but I'm not sure if the error is with the portrait itself or the portrait number.

Toronto Blue Jays: Ben Revere is #7, not #3, and he's been playing exclusively in LF since he came over to the Jays

Ezequiel Carrera is #3, not #4

Chris Colabello should be listed as a 1B.  He played about 50/50 at first and the outfield (mostly LF) this year but in the playoffs he only played 1B and he's a first baseman by trade.

Ryan Goins' defensive ratings should be upgraded.  His glove rating (83) and range (73) are underrated.  I swear to God, this guy's one of the best defensive infielders I've ever seen.

Kevin Pillar is mostly a CF, not LF.  He can play all 3 outfield positions but he was the regular CF this year (142 games at CF).  Like Goins, his defense is also underrated (glove 74, range 83).  This guy gets to balls that you don't even think he has a chance on, and he was just nominated for a Gold Glove.

New York Mets: Bartolo Colon is #40, not #41

Wilmer Flores is mostly a SS rather than a 2B

Daniel Murphy...well, that's a little more complicated.  He played 1B, 2B, 3B, though he seems to be mostly used at 2B with David Wright in the lineup.


I'll post more when I can.  Thanks for all your great work guys!

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Not sure if I'm even allowed to complain given the quality of the work here but I'll do it anyway lol ^_^

I see that the jersey numbers have been corrected in the last update but not the defensive positions and ratings, which causes certain players to play mostly their secondary positions in the game.

Anyhow, here are 4 more corrections:

Oakland Athletics: Mark Canha is a 1B/LF, not a RF

Atlanta Braves: Matt Marksberry is #66

Milwaukee Brewers: Jason Rogers is mostly a 1B

St. Louis Cardinals: Trevor Rosenthal is from the USA, not the Dominican Republic lol

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On 2015-11-12, 6:06:45, bdolan33 said:

Is there a way to play this game for PC? I am getting a title screen freeze. I tried the whole trick with changing the calender date. Still freezes!


Also make sure that the date you set is a day when there were games on the schedule for the 2012 MLB season.  I believe days when no games were played (e.g. the All-Star break) would make the game crash as well.  And, of course, the year has to be 2012.

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Hi guys, I'm having trouble getting the uniforms aspect of this mod to work. In the 2K12 Roster Editor program, after selecting my roster file and importing the colorlist.txt file, Microsoft.NET Framework gives me an error saying it can't access the file path (C:/...AppData/...Saves) because it is being used in another program. As far as I'm aware it isn't being used elsewhere, so how can I get past this issue?

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