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the game crashes when you install any update rosters, how to fix it?



How the hell did you post your question scrolled like that? And why?

You don't say what mod you are using in Mvp '05 or what rosters so I won't try to play mind reader here. Goodbye.

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Basically, you need updated rosters AND faces to avoid crashes.   You can't just add rosters to the original game install.  The only way to do that is to change all of the custom cyberface numbers in one of the editing programs to a default generic face between 901 and 915.

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eduardo..... read through the MVP 15 support thread.  As I said above you cannot simply add the updated rosters to MVP 2005.

Again, I suggest seeing first if you can run MVP 08 or MVP 12.  Post your questions/concerns in the MVP 15 thread or other appropriate thread.  No need to start a new one.

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