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Hey everyone!


I thought that I'd have a go at the whole dynasty thing, working off the MVP '98 mod. I've done a little bit of switching things around to make things just the way I like it, but this is just a placeholder for now until I've got the specifics nailed down. I'm not positive what sliders I'm going to use yet, but I'll have that all figured out in due time. I'm actually making some changes to the minor league rosters at the moment, so it might be a while, but hey, it's New Year's Eve, so it's as good a time as any time make a resolution to get things done!


Thanks in advance for your views and support!

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In my experience, every mod is a little bit different from the other, so there is no such thing as the 'perfect sliders'. My recommendation is that you play a few exhibition games first in order to fine tune your gameplay experience. And even then, you might have to do some adjustments mid-season, as you'll get more used to the game and eventually need to play at a more difficult level.

Slider adjusting can be a little frustrating at times, and sometimes it doesn't seem to work at all. If that's the case, you may want to check some of the datafiles to see if they solve any issues you might have. I remember one time where I coudln't get strikeouts at all. My pitchers getting around 20 groundballs per game and virtually no strikeouts, no matter how I moved the sliders. With a little datafile editing and searching I eventually got more realistic results.

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Thanks very much for that. I'll be playing around. I'm editing some minor league uniforms to roll those back as well. Not sure if there's a demand for TC97, 98, or 99 era MiLB unis, but if there is, I'll gladly upload them. I've been playing some exhibitions just to test the unis out and have been going on Pro lately with no slider adjustment and I'm crushing it at AAA by scores of 10-2. Granted, my default ace is El Duque and I've got a team with '98 era Shane Spencer, Mike Lowell, and Ricky Ledee, all rating calculated to their AAA stats from 97.


TL;DR: Still a work in progress. And if you want MiLB uni mods, let me know. Some are complete crap, but some aren't half bad. 


EDIT: Just attached a couple of samples. One is a Syracuse Chiefs fantasy uniform, since I'll be playing them as the Yankees' AAA affiliate in my dynasty. The other is the Nashville Sounds road jersey from 1998-99. From what I've read, the Sounds switched up their unis midway through the '98 season, and this is what their road uni became. Very late-90s Angels-esque, no?



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Update... still fiddling around to make things perfect, but I've decided on a few (controversial) things that will be absolutely scandalous to my fellow Yankee fans. Yankee4Life, you might want to cover your eyes.



  • In addition to switching around the minor league affiliation in AAA to the Syracuse Chiefs, I've also decided to go to the Trenton Thunder a few years early. This will all be explained in the dynasty. The Tampa Yankees will remain the team's A-ball squad.


  • The New Yankee Stadium will debut at some point in the early 2000s, assuming people are still interested in the dynasty at that point. The catch? It's going to be in midtown Manhattan, at the site proposed wayyy back at Hudson Yards. Instead of the view of the Bronx County Courthouse, it will instead see One Penn Plaza and the Empire State Building past right field, and I put the New Yorker Hotel toward left field.


  • Some numbers are being "unretired" because I don't really agree with the Yankees' current trend of retiring everybody's number from the late 90s dynasty and I just want to reopen some options. Yeah Andy Pettitte was a good player, but was he really deserving of having his number retired? So anyway, coming back into commission are the numbers 1, 9, 15 and 23. In 1998, Ron Guidry's number wasn't retired yet. I'm basing this off of the fact that neither Billy Martin, Roger Maris, Thurman Munson, nor Don Mattingly made it into the Hall of Fame. Including Munson's 15 in the recommissioned list was particularly gut wrenching, especially because I chose to leave Ellie Howard's 32 retired. But I figured that breaking the team's color barrier and being a borderline Hall of Famer in his own right was worth keeping the honor for Ellie, while Thurma's was retired out of a grieving team's respect for their captain. Due to this, I've created a new area in Monument Park which has the names of Martin, Maris, Munson, and Mattingly, on the wall with their placard of achievements still there.

So... anybody's eyes twitching yet? Feeling mutinous? Attached is a preview of the new Monument Park in the Manhattan iteration of New Yankee Stadium.


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Wow. Didn't realize how long it'd been since I've been exploring this. Between uni modding and various other projects, I've totally neglected this dynasty that I swear I'm going to start at some point soon.


Anyway, I was thinking of un-retiring Reggie Jackson's 44, but I'm on the fence about it. Would love some input. 

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So here's the official list of "unretired numbers". In the dynasty storyline, those with their numbers unretired will still have their names and plaques in Monument Park. But at the rate the Yankees were (and still are) retiring numbers, there'll be a shortage! So, love it or hate it, here's the list of unretired numbers.


1 - Billy Martin (good player, very good coach. Not sure of worthiness of number being retired)
2 - Derek Jeter (still active in this dynasty)
6 - Joe Torre (still active in this dynasty)
9 - Roger Maris (very good player with a memorable year, but really only had 2 amazing seasons)
15 - Thurman Munson (I know it's touchy, but if the Yankees can have captains after Munson, they can have #15's as well)
20 - Jorge Posada (still active in this dynasty)
23 - Don Mattingly (very good player, career Yankee, but can't just retire numbers for loyalty)
32 - Elston Howard (this was the toughest decision I had to make. Decided that he would be honored with a special part of Monument Park as first African American member of the Yankees)
37 - Casey Stengel (amazing manager, but was just that. A manager. Retired numbers should be for players.)
44 - Reggie Jackson (great player, but only with the Yankees for 5 years. October heroics are great, but you could argue he was just as much or more of an Oakland A.)
46 - Andy Pettitte (still active in this dynasty)
49 - Ron Guidry (very good pitcher and career Yankee. Not sure if worthy of number retirement. Number wasn't retired until 2003 anyway.)
51 - Bernie Williams (still active in this dynasty)


So that leaves the following as officially retired numbers, which should make the list much more meaningful

3 - Babe Ruth (most prolific power hitter of his era, made the Yankees a true contender)
4 - Lou Gehrig (career Yankee, 2-time MVP, 6-time WS champion, .340 career hitter, would have had 500 career homeruns and 2000 career RBI if not for ALS)
5 - Joe DiMaggio (the "Greatest Living Ballplayer", career Yankee, 3-time MVP, 9-time WS champion, .325 hitter, 56 game hitting streak, missed 3 years due to WWII)
7 - Mickey Mantle (career Yankee, 3-time MVP, 7-time WS champion, 563 career homeruns and would have had much more if not for injuries)
8 - Yogi Berra (3-time MVP, 10-time WS champion, made All-Star game in 18 out of his 19 years in MLB)
8 - Bill Dickey (career Yankee, 7-time WS champion, 11-time All-Star, missed 2 years due to WWII)
10 - Phil Rizzuto (1950 MVP, 7-time WS champion, 5-time All-Star, missed 3 years due to WWII... honestly, my toughest "leave retired" candidate. But he was the little guy with tons of heart)
16 - Whitey Ford (1961 Cy Young, 6-time WS champion, career 2.75 ERA, missed 2 years due to Korean War)
42 - Jackie Robinson (retired league-wide in 1997, Mariano Rivera will be the last Yankee to wear #42, even if he isn't re-signed by Yankees in dynasty)


So yeah, now there's only 8 total numbers retired, rather than 13.

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