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Wasn't sure where else to put this and not sure how long it will last.  Simming PC v PC games and seeing how they match up to real life contests can be fun.  Yesterday I happened to nail the score between the Phils & Tigers (3:1).   Y4L requested the TOR/NYY game today.  The outcome was an extra innings win by TOR, 5-3.   Strikeouts are a bit high despite lowering stamina for pitchers and upping contact a bit for hitters as an experiment.


I'm gonna try the NYM/WAS game that was already played today for shits and giggles.

TOR NYY 5-25-16.htm

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You know, if you start getting accurate with these sims like you did last night you should put some money down.

Now let me look at that box score for the Yankees and Blue Jays. Ellsbury and Gardner were a combined 0 for 14. So far this is believeable. Teixeira struck out three times but got two hits? Hmmm. The strikeouts, sure. But not two hits. This lazy good for nothing bum can't get two hits in batting practice. Beltran went 2 for 6. Again, believeable. He's been hot. Gregorius and Castro contributing is something they have been doing all year. Ackley in a rare start did well too. Even Headley got a hit too. He's been showing signs of breaking out of it. And McCann didn't surprise me at all by going 0 for 6. It's what he does. And the pitching was fine. Nova did well.

Good work!


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Hehe... that would be the old fool and his money are soon parted adage. :)

Gonna do one last one as I don't think too many guys are into this.  CLE/BAL today.  Inserting the regular catchers back into the lineups but I'm sure it's not 100% accurate starting orders.

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