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Can anyone make a decent looking 93-era Astros jersey? The shoulder stripes are way too narrow in MVP 2005.

Something like this (but for MVP 05):

Assuming anyone is willing to do this, will it be complicated to overwrite the corresponding uniform slot w/ MVP 2015 installed? I tried to replace some jersey slots but the MVP 05 tools are written in Visual Basic and do not work on Windows 10 for me.

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I can *try* this, but I've been crap with stripes like this in the past, so I may or may not have anything to present. If anyone else wants to take a shot as well, please do.

Thanks, I appreciate it. I'd try myself but I have zero experience w/ modding MVP. I can't even get the uniform studio running on my PC (Windows 10 does not seem to like Visual Basic). Is there a way I can simply replace 1 jersey w/ MVP 2015 installed? I'd hate for you to go through the trouble of making it if I can't install it. I'm assuming I can install a single replacement w/ a batch file and tool like gfxpak?


Why don't you just try out Total Classics 1993?

I just want to replace the Astros alternate jersey. Also, MVP 93 uses the same texture and the shoulder stripes look too narrow-- like they're 50% thinner than they should actually be.


That is an interesting mod, though. I'm going to keep a copy of an MVP 1993 installation so I can play it when I'm feeling nostalgic.

I'd rather play with the current rosters and just find a way to improve the alternate/throwback jersey.

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