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Overlays not compatible with Fenway at Night

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Hi, after a lot of years here  I found (Gordo recommendation) Trues extraordinary overlays, I like specially the Mlb2008 which I installed in the MVP15 .

But when I try to play in Fenway at night the games crash, something similar happened to me some years ago with the Juniorbrad Fox Overlay  

  and Juniorbrad  mentioned something related with the  initprgz y initstaz  files from the recent mods.


I try the Trues Overlay with a MVP05 clean install and in that case it works perfect.   Does anyone knows a possible solution?, I know that in the "worst" case I just use the great True Overlay  in all the stadiums except in Fenway at night, but maybe anyone has a solution to this case.


Thanks again.

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