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Question about 1927 classics


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3 hours ago, tinpanalley said:

I know this is a silly thing to mention but there is a 1927 mod on Youtube that has Allen, Scully, and Harwell all doing commentary. And the intro music is all period. I just played the 27 TC and it had none of that. Is the music and commentary an add-on?


Yes it is. What you heard is from the Legends of the Booth mod that OTBJoel created. It took him three years to do this. OTBJoel did not like the announcing of Kuiper and Krukow and that's why he did this.

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18 minutes ago, tinpanalley said:

Fantastic, because I absolutely can not stand Krukow. And the Alex Torres thing really bothered me. I heard a "big booy" today while playing and ten years later, I'm still sick of it.

Hahahahaha, and now you know why he worked for three years just to get rid of that. I used to play all of my games with the announcers off. I like it that way.

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