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Cyberface Pack (2018 Update)


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Hi there,


I want to know something before starting this. Is there an updated Cyberface Pack that includes everything from the 2k15 overhaul, as well as all cyberfaces made ever since? I want to try to simply upload a .zip file that anyone can download off this site, that simply includes ALL cyberfaces made so far.

The reason is that the download section is extremely clunky, and from what I'm seeing it's really bad for downloading a large number of files. The best would be the a ability to add check marks next to any download you want and just download everything in 1 go. Hence why I want to do this. I'll just take a day to download everything I see, add it to the cyberfaces of the 2k15 overhaul and allow anyone to download it for simple extraction.

The reason is that I don't want the effort I put in to go to waste simply on me, myself and I... If I do this it would be to simplify the process for anyone else looking to update these faces. And since I don't make cyberfaces, this is one way I can contribute.

But I don't want to do it if it's already done, so if it is, please let me know.



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Hello Friend I think that since 2k15 mod total, nobody has done a compilation of cyberface all are divided into packages and other individual. if you want to make a compilation of all the cyberface to facilitate the search and download it seems very good. however, you have to keep in mind that several cyberface are repeated and you should be careful with that. if he does, I advise him to divide them by each player's position. :)

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