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11 hours ago, Gordo said:

Stepped in to see if anything's changed.  Welp, uh, nope.  SOS.  I'll see myself out. 


This is the second time you've said this in a matter of days and it's obvious that you are just coming in here just to see how much you can stir things up. People used to gripe about the "Yankee complaining" in the shout box so because of that we had to move it in here so a lot of people would not see it. I'm not saying you were one of the ones who complained about it there and I am sure you weren't. But you sure as hell have made up for it here.


What I am trying to say is who comes in here to talk baseball? Just glance over the past few pages in the thread. There is not an overflow of people that come here to talk about the games. But yet you got to give those a hard time who want to talk about baseball and if it is concerning the shoddy way the Yankees are playing then that is how it is.


From now on the next time you step in to see if anything's changed and it has not then just leave. Your sarcastic and passive aggressive comments are not needed or welcomed.

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Moving on....


1. Aaron Judge was removed from the game in the third inning because he was dizzy. Yeah, ok. Go sit on the bench next to Clint Frazier.


2. Luis Severino is scheduled to throw another bullpen session Monday. If all goes well, he could throw next in a live bullpen session or begin another rehab assignment. Why? We are getting into mid-September now. Send the SOB home.


3. Andrew Velazquez was sent back to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. He was showing too much enthusiasm for this team and he had to go.

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@Yankee4LifeVelazquez - because the kid was playing well as a backup.  and Green - how many HRs has he given up to LOSE a game this year?  he's unbelievable!!!  and Judge - another injury - probably from hitting his head against the OF wall Saturday night!!!

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5 minutes ago, Ritchie said:

WOW!! Boone is making switch for today's game. Torres at 2B, DJ at 3B and Wade at SS.  Should have kept Torres out of lineup and recalled Velazquez.


Maybe so!


Now come to this thread here from now on to talk about Yankee stuff.


In it we can:


1. Call for Sanchez' head on a plate.

2. Scream at Chapman.

3. Be amazed when someone doesn't get hurt.


And mostly be very happy if and when they turn things around.

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What the heck has happened to the Padres? When the season started they were supposed to compete for the National League's top spot. Now they may not make the playoffs.


Also, why do some ball players do this when they are rounding the bases after a home run? And don't say to silence the crowd because this goof did it in Toronto.



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And the Rays make the playoffs again. They deserve it.


I don't buy that David and Goliath comparison between the Rays and the Yankees. Instead I see it as smart baseball compared to stupid baseball. Can you imagine how dangerous Tampa would be if they had the money the Yankees have and the baseball intelligence puts that they already possess?

Again, they deserve to make the playoffs and they deserve to win the division because they are the better team up and down the lineup and they prove to everyone that you do not need someone with a $300 million contract to win baseball games.

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