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Input - Baseball Cards

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Not sure if this is the right place to put this.  I have been coming here for a good number of years now and this place helps me connect to my old baseball fervor I had when I was a child in the 80s and into the 90s.   Many years ago I had many baseball cards.  My dad owned a store and I got boxes of everything that came out.  Over the years, I have lost some, sold some and threw some away.  Recently I came across a lot of 1991 Topps.  From reading up on them there are a lot of variations and glow cards, as it was Topps 40th anniversary.   I haven't used a blacklight yet to see if I have any glow cards but it is worth exploring.   I have been putting them together in teams, and it occurred to me, that if there are old school fans like myself these may sell.  I am not talking about big money, but I was wondering if I put team lots on ebay for like 3 to 5 bucks would they sale?  Of course I would have to charge s & h or I would be losing money.  I am keeping the Braves lot as that is my team. But just curious if anyone else here has any input as to if this would connect from a nostalgia POV and commandeer a few bucks?


It is worth noting the condition is good to very good. They had never been taken out of their original container, but over the years that has slightly curved the cards.  This isn't about mint condition though, this is about connecting to your childhood and having something for your man cave that connects to your childhood.  

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