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MLB 2K12 Freezes during spring training simulation.


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I can't simulate past the 25th in my mlb 2k12 franchise. I have new rosters and such. there's no game on the 25th either so i can't see if playing a game would solve the problem. also it is the first off day in spring training. I played one season prior to this without problems. it doesn't exit the game, but the game just completely freezes and all music stops playing and no animations will play. 


edit: i tried a new franchise and it freezes at the same point..

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On 10/8/2018 at 4:42 PM, ccheath776 said:

What do you mean you got a different roster? Can I save the current franchise? Because I am trying to do that. How do I load a new roster into an existing season?

The one i use right now



download that file, after you download that file, go to windows search in the bottom tool bar,  type in %appdata% , go into the roaming folder, press 2k sports, press mlb 2k12, go into saves delete the old roster.ros and replace it with the one you just downloaded. Now, reopen mlb2k12. It should work without crashes.


let me know if you have issues.

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