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MVP 15 issue.?

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I tired doing a search but there is no thread for this issue...When I tried to run MVP17 for some reason it would minimize to the task bar a few times till it started running..When It finally ran it would crash to the desktop when it was loading up the game after i would pick the teams and stadium..I thought that the program was faulty so I decided to do a clean install of MVP2005 the original game and put MVP15...After I did that I am still getting the same issue, it would minimize to the task bar a few times and now it is not even running properly...I have allowed it through my firewall on both windows 10 and my anti virus i even tried compatibility and still not luck...It is a strange issue...Would a windows update cause this issue..?? or would it not be accepting the video drivers..?


Like I said it is a strange issue as it was working fine last week...


Any ideas..??





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