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MVP Roster Pitching Styles Assistance Wanted

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Hey guys..... I'm looking to update all pitching styles for those I placed on the MLB level for the end of season rosters in preparation for the 2019 rosters.  With the aid of pitcherlist.com site, I would like to nail down as close as possible pitching styles so that when I move forward, it won't be as difficult to update the roster when players move around and when I have to create new pitchers.


The method would be pretty easy. 


1. Simply have pitcherlist.com open to the team that you're working on.  


2. Have MVPedit open with the same team and work your way down the list of pitchers;  you don't need to actually change anything in the editor; just simply report which "Delivery" you think should be there; most will probably not need changing.


3. To get an easy preview of what the pitch type could be, it would be easiest to have a windowed version of the game showing next to the pitcherlist website for easy comparison.


The set up would look something like this:




It wouldn't matter what pitcher you pick in the game as you're just using that to look at the different "Pitcher Delivery" methods that the game uses in game. In the example above, I have Anderson from the Angels selected, but I'm onto Bedrosian and decided he's pretty close to Pedro Martinez' style.  


MVPedit is mainly used here to get the pitchers we'd need to look at and seeing the labels of the generic deliveries (in the MVP game they're called "Style 1 -11".  In MVPedit, they're more descriptive and we'd mainly be watching for over the head windups versus not).  


The way to make the MVP game run in window mode can be done simply like this:  take your existing shortcut to the game and make a copy.  Rename the copy something like "MVP Window Mode" or whatever you'd want. So on my desktop I have this:




Then right click on this new shortcut and choose "Properties".


In the "Shortcut" tab, "Target:" window area, simply put in < -win> at the very end (no bracket and there is a space before the hyphen).  Apply and close. That's it.  It should look like this:




Pitcherlist.com, however, does not have every single pitcher.  So especially for the rookies, you may need to go to YouTube and find a good example of their pitch style/delivery.  Additionally, you could use, http://pitchfx.texasleaguers.com, to determine the release point as some are between side arm and a true 3/4's.  (After you find the player, you have to put something in the first date range field.  It's easy to simply change it to 2017).


Lastly,  there does not appear to be any pitching styles in the game where 1) the pitcher starts out low, belt-level, with the ball and 2) the pitcher claps the ball back to the glove unless using one of the old classic styles (doubtful anyone uses those any longer) or some that use an over the head wind up approach (e.g., Bob Gibson).


Any takers?  PM me please so we can divvy up the work and not duplicate efforts.  Thanks in advance.

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jacob degrom pitnching style 2



cc sabathia pitnching style jamie moyer

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Thanks but I'm looking for help with entire teams.  I'm up to and completed the Chicago White Sox (alphabetical order by city).

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