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Stadium announcer (announcing batters)

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Noticing that Luigui10's great work on audio doesn't affect the stadium announcer, only the PBP guy.   Does anyone know what file affects the stadium announcer and if that can be updated?  If it's something easy like producing .wav files and then integrating to a .big file, I might be able to do that, but would need some help on who would be needed.

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PA audios are in the audio\spch_pa folders:


headers: data\audio\spch_pa\pnamehdr.big

names:  data\audio\cd\spch_pa\pnamedat.big


I opened the files with BigGui just to see what they contain and there is are entries numbered 1 - 9992 in each.


Unfortunately, I have never done any audio modding.  The extent of my audio expertise is knowing how to move around team name or stadium name audios by renaming the .dat files  in the tnamedat.big or stdnmdat.big files and then hex editing the .hdr files in the  tnamehdr.big or stdnmhdr.big files.


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Audio modding is easy if it's just names. if it's team names, it's actually tougher because there are bunch of little files in the overall dat file for tnamedat. Anyway, editing names is simple.


  1.  Find yourself a good audio editor. For a good free one, I recommend Audacity. It's not the greatest, but it's not terrible.
  2. You'll also need the audio tool that will convert .dat files to .wav files. You can find that in the Audio Editing Tutorial on this site.
  3. Find the names of a few players that have matching names. So if you wanted to create a dude named Byung-Hyun Martinez, I'd recommend locating the audio files for Byung-Hyun Kim and Tino Martinez and extracting them.
  4. Change the .dat files into .wav files and open the .wav files in Audacity.
  5. Combine the two names and save the new .wav file.
  6. Find a free audio slot that you want to add Byung-Hyun Martinez to. Rename the .wav to the number you'd like.
  7. Run the file to convert the .wav back to a .dat file.
  8. Import .dat file back into the directory.
  9. Open an HDR file for it. I think it can be any HDR file. Open the HDR file in a hex editor
  10. Go online and search for a decimal to hex converter.
  11. Type in the new audio ID number you wish to have, and it'll spit out a hex code.
  12. In your hex editor, enter that code into the upper left. (I *think* it's the last two first, then the first two)
  13. Save the HDR file and re-import in back into the directory
  14. You should be good to go!

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On 4/6/2019 at 10:52 PM, Gordo said:

Yikes....that seems like a lot per name.


Yeah, it does take a little bit of time. Hence why MVP 1998 is taking so long. Hah.

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