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Sliders on pc - 2019


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After using a lot of sliders (including that of BSU-Fan, the pc offense is quite weak or my pitching is quite strong, besides that my batting is 2 HR per game), I have not found the right sliders on pc. In some I am very powerful in batting and pitching, while in others I am quite weak in both.
I would like to know which sliders you use to achieve more realistic and random results in the franchise.

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I've been answering questions like this in pretty much every kind of sports game on different forums for close to 20 years. There is one simple solution to your question.

1. Determine what it is you find unrealistic in the gameplay.

2. Read the different sliders and determine one by one which one affects those issues.

3. If you see nothing that directly affects the thing you want to fix, think outside the box with respect to what sliders might have an effect on that thing you're trying to fix.

4. Play with sliders at opposite extremes to get a sense of the game's editable range.

5. If nothing addresses your concerns, remember that it is entirely possible that the game simply can NOT do what you want it to. NHL2K10 can not create realistic fluidity and ice friction without hurting the animations, MLB2K12 can not get realistic fielder speed without weird animations and without having to make baserunners run faster than normal, NBA2K19 can not have good gameflow without making players looking like they're gliding on the court. These things happen. And your opinion of realistic is also very likely not mine.

Again, know the range of what the game can do in difficulty and sliders, know what is modifiable and what isn't. Compare with real life footage to get as close as you can. Also take into account when a game was made if it's from years ago. Games from around 2000 were very homerun heavy, NHL games from 2006-ish were very aggression and checking heavy, Madden games of today are obsessively social media heavy (that's a joke, but also sadly true).


Try sliders that you find online by searching. But no slider set you find is going to be perfect unless you make it yourself.

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For months I've worked on them and I really don't understand the way sliders work. If I want to lower my Hr per game I decrease the power hitting, but this decreases both contact and power. This is the case in many aspects, besides that the contact of the pc depends on the speed at which I pitch.
It is important to mention, that the sliders have been difficult to specify after updating the game. When I played the original version (without mods), I managed to find combative sliders and a fight for the most entertaining victories
I think the mlb 2k12 can have combative results, but with the updates it has made it strangely difficult.

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