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Audio Question

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Hi guys, I'm trying to update some audios but it's not working for me with some players, in this case with Pete Alonso, so maybe you can help me.


So my doubts:

To add the audio I only need that:

1) The player has an  photo/audio ID which I can review in the attrib.dat specifically in the 16  number.  In this case Pete Alonso is 746?

0fff0e658,0 Pete,1 Alonso,2 20,3 0,4 0,5 2,6 9,7 29,8 121,9 28,10 697,11 0,12 3,13 5,14 1,15 1,16 746,17 1,18 8,19 0,20 0,21 7,22 72,23 7,24 5,25 11,26 9,27 13,28 0,29 0,30 3,31 1,32 4,33 0,34 0,35 1,36 0,37 6,38 2,39 4,40 0,41 5,42 0,43 0,44 0,45 17143

2) Then I need to update the hdr files  to data/audio/spch_pbp/pnamehdr.big

3) And finally I need to update the dat files to data/audio/cd/spch_pbp/pnamedat.big



0746a.hdr 0746c.hdr 0746d.hdr 0746a.dat 0746c.dat 0746d.dat

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I've been pondering this for a bit. It looks like the problem is in the HDR file. If you open the 746 HDR file, you should see the hex code of number 746, but I'm not seeing that here. For reference, the hex code for 746 is "02 ea". So with the HDR file, you just flop the two values. So it should read "ea 02".


You'll need to download a hex editor program and then change things around. It's all outlined in Homer's Audio Tutorial, which is in the MVP 2005 "Tutorials" section of the download. According to Homer, when you open up the file, there are a few numbers that need to align to the number you wish for the player file. So instead of the "51 13" you currently have in your HDR file, you want "ea 02". I've changed them in my hex editor and I've added them here. Just add these into the pnamehdr.big file.


Please let me know if this works out!

0746a.hdr 0746c.hdr 0746d.hdr

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Hi BallFour, it works so thanks a lot.


With your explanation now I understand my "mistake", that audio was created by Luti with Pete Alonso 4945 audio number, then Omarito assigned the oficial 0746 audio number.  So i took the 4945 dats and hdrs files and I only changed the file names, but I didn't notice that I had to change it also in the HDR files with the  FSHED application.


So that's the answer of why the  "51 13" number appears which is the hex code for 4945.


Again thanks a lot.


Have a great weekend.

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