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PickleBrad's Global and equipment WIP

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I have been trying to update the equipment since the AMAZING work of Debsterfan and Pena are outdated now. Since these gurus are nowhere to be found, I took it upon myself to try and figure this out. With a TON of trial and error and blood sweat and tears, I think I am getting close. Not complete yet but a solid Work In Progress for you all to check out! Let me know what you think. Love you all. Stay safe and GOD bless!

mlb2k12 2008-06-26 02-23-57-56.jpg

mlb2k12 2008-06-26 02-28-23-14.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-01-21 14-32-29-39.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-01-21 15-51-44-87.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-03-21 00-20-23-34.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-01 15-48-27-24.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-01 15-48-41-39.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-01 15-49-00-53.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-01 15-49-48-46.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-01 15-50-07-14.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-01 15-50-55-01.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-01 15-51-04-40.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-01 15-51-13-71.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-01 16-00-58-90.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-01 16-02-16-36.jpg

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very nice that shoes and socks my friend, i think that new balance, nike, adidas, under armor, reebok and mizuno can not miss in terms of brands, picklebard the socks of tampa bay rays have it the logo TB my friend, thank you for you job is perfect, blessing my friend

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The hardest part about working within the global is understanding how the channel structures work.

A lot of games will pack channels with specific things and let shaders figure out how to apply those things rather than explicitly having flat textures for everything. The global, since it's a "master key" for common textures in the game (hence it's name), will actually rely heavily on "channel packing".


Individual channels can be extracted by a shader to use them for particular effects, for example the red channel for glow, green channel for specular lighting (the bright spot of light that appears on shiny objects when it's lit by a light source), blue channel for sound types, alpha channel for physics info, etc. 


It's why you can completely replace a texture and still not get the results you want. As a modder this can be frustrating, but we've got one thing a lot of people in the community are building up to have:





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I'm going to be releasing my Global today guys. I know it's been a very long process and I am still not 100% happy with everything but I know everyone has been patiently waiting and I can always make adjustments for next year. I'm going to gather up all of my files a d do a test run, snap some in game photos in Fraps and then I will upload the file to the site.

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