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I'm curious to know which controllers everyone is using to play the game?


I'm looking to upload an updated controller.cfg that will support your controller by default without having to create a controller configuration within the game and map buttons to do so.


Just to get this out of the way, the Logitech Dual Action Gamepad is supported natively (a profile exists for it already in MVP 05).



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I still use the wireless XBOX 360 sometimes.


But a really cool new controller is the Hyperkin Duke XBOX controller which I've been using more for MVP.




It works flawlessly with the XBOX One Controller config that is in the config thread. The only thing is that the left and right bumpers activate "argue call" during replays but other than that it's perfect. Not a controller for people with small hands.

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28 minutes ago, YesImDrassil said:

How do i configure it? The button maps are just wrong and i dont really know how to make ir work


There is a thread for XBOX controllers in the MVP 05 forums. Should be a sticky, I think

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1 hour ago, Playball335 said:

Wow, a Saitek P880!!  I used to have one of those!  I still have my Logitech gamepad (same as yours).

Still got it! That is the one I used when Mvp first came out. And welcome back by the way!

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