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2K all my Games, Guaro1379

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On 13/4/2020 at 10:12, Guaro1379 said:

instaladores en ingles

bandicam 2020-04-13 09-33-55-298222222.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-08 14-46-50-938.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-10 16-56-08-411.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-10 16-56-25-551.jpg

Martin if you want your 2K MLB 19 to appear to you so you have to wait for it to come out complete, I think I already understand what you are saying I only knew the team logos in my installer, you want the art of the game 2020 or fronted like you you tell him, we tell him game art and the menu that is other files I have not done the installer of that you would still have to wait for what is ready you are warned, be patient brother and shortly greetings

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Almost everything is already edited, the stadiums, rosters and uniforms are missing, well the uniforms I recommend those of Umachines are from another world, but what I have not done are the installers and they are 2 of each one in English and one in Spanish, I did the music and logos this week I do the rest calm in what they are done, I warn you brother ...

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6 hours ago, Mose2011 said:

@Guaro1379 Al looks great. 👍

But the 2020 Home Menü I Muss in the Game?

i Hope you make it also for the Englisch Version?



I do not understand what you mean


But the 2020 Home Menü I Muss in the Game?

i Hope you make it also for the Englisch Version?

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Edition Citi Field


Done, 30 stadiums edited 29 from the major league teams and 1 from the all-star game stadium. the only one who did not edit was the Atlanta braves that stadium is from the friend DaSteelerz and so far he has not responded to the message he left him, although in an old message he told me to feel permission to use his work is cordial and out of respect to ask for the corresponding permission, more than the same I will place it in the thanks, well without more. 90% of the 2K MLB 2020 of my version is already edited, only the roster and the occasional detail are missing.


Note: I do not put all the images of the stadiums edited because it would fill with pure image and it is tedious



Listo, 30 estadios editados 29 de los equipos de grandes ligas y 1 del estadio del juego de estrellas. el unico que no edite fue el de bravos de Atlanta ese estadio es de el amigo DaSteelerz y hasta ahora no me ha respondido al mensaje que le deje, aunque en un viejo mensaje me dijo que me sintiera con el permiso de usar sus trabajos es cordial y de respeto volver a pedir el permiso correspondiente, mas que igual lo colocare en los agradecimientos, bueno sin mas. ya esta editado un 90% del 2K MLB 2020 de mi version solo falta el roster y uno que otro detalle.

mlb2k12 2020-04-28 15-17-11-488.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-28 15-17-58-416.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-28 15-18-02-966.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-28 15-18-08-820.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-28 15-18-20-162.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-04-28 15-18-32-235.jpg

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