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New MLB Team Logos 2020!


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3 hours ago, Mose2011 said:

It was only a question.!

Yes, but if you look back at your previous posts in the forums, you have a history of asking when mods will be ready, and many of the responses to you are “Be patient”.

It gets tiring after a while explaining to people that mods will be available when they are ready and that asking when they will be ready will not get them to you any faster. 

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5 hours ago, Mose2011 said:

Yes I be patient.


Sorry for the asking.


I just wanted to ask if anyone was working on the new team logos.  Sorry if my question got stupid.


It wasn't a stupid question. Your problem is you are not patient. These modders don't work for you and on your time schedule. When this is done it will be uploaded and you will see it on the main page where you can freely download it.

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