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NBA 2KMod Tool not running

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Hi all,


So I got a new computer this past summer, and as I get back into modding the game, I've been installing and downloading each tool as I need it. I just went to open and run 2KMod Tool and am having issues. Basically when I go to run it it provides the prompt box to select which version of 2K I am using, I select 2012 and hit OK, but then nothing happens. When I had it all working on my old PC that's when the tool would actually open for me, but right now nothing opens. I am not 100% sure what is going on though, because if I try to move the 2KMod Tool folder after I try running it, it tells me the program is open and I need to close it. But when I go into task manager nothing is open and running and no tool actually ever opens. The only way to get this message to disappear is to log out and log back in. That makes me think that maybe it's getting stuck in the process of trying to open? I don't know, but it's very frustrating. Java is entirely up to date on my PC, so that is not the issue. Unless maybe Java is in some new version that is too updated for the tool to recognize? I have no idea about that though. Specifically this is causing an issue because I can't otherwise decompress the portrait .iff to add new ones with TiT. Not to mention just being able to open and use that tool in the first place.


Thanks for the help!

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