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MVP 21 ~ MLB Only ~ Start of Season Rosters

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These should be released tonight in anticipation of MLB's Opening Day 2021 season.  I don't call these "Opening Day" rosters because I attempt to keep the injured players who are anticipated to come back to the 26 man roster sometime in April.  Also in regard to that, since the MLB has expanded rosters to 26 and the game only handles 25, the best thing I could think to do was go with 13/12 fielders to pitchers if FanGraphs shows 13 fielders and vice versa; then putting that supposed 26th man in the minors (typically at the AAA level).


I believe I have all of the jersey nos. correct; at the very least there are no duplicates, but this is very easy to miss, so let me know.


Additionally, if anyone knows of any pitchers who may run down the line to 1B well or maybe are used as pinch runners (even though the game doesn't allow that) so that I could adjust their speed, please post here or PM me.  Here's what I have so far:



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Thanks Gordo, I'm super excited to check this out tonight once it posts!


I've got a large batch of photos I'm going to post as well - updated players from the spring who weren't in my initial team packages. Once I load in Gordo's roster and assess which players need portraits (and which players have official portraits on the team website with their new teams), I'll post this new batch of compressed .FSH portraits! 

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^^ Sounds good man .... my only 2c with that is to release them as a single batch vs. team by team.  I only found 1 player needing an ID and requested it recently in that thread.

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  • Gordo changed the title to MVP 21 ~ MLB Only ~ Start of Season Rosters

Nice job man, thank you very much!


The only thing that keeps making me noise is the missmatching between the audio/photo ID numbers that several players have in your roster versus the ones they actually have on the community ID list. Especially because I already did make audios for some of those guys, so that's causing problems for the installed audios.


I would like to see a consensuated solution for that regard, salutes and happy season!

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