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PC Rosters for Xbox or PS2

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Hello guys, i would like to know how could i convert the MVP PC files for Xbox or the PS2. I know it can be done for the Xbox since i have downloaded stadiums, uniforms and even some logos, but i don't know what tools are used to do it.


I don't know if the same applies for the PS2 version of the game, since i've only seen custom rosters made in game and are very old. 


Anyways, thanks in advance!

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There's no direct conversion tool for the files.  However, you can mod your original Xbox or buy one that way and FTP the rosters into the game.  However, the cyberfaces would have to also be present or it would probably crash.  Alternately, you can change all of the customer cyberfaces to one of the generic faces (901-915; though personally, I never use the no. 901; it's just too odd looking to me) and that way assure there's no crash.


There was a guy charging for PS2 rosters at some point in the past but unsure if he's still around.

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I have my Xbox modded and I've been playing the game with bagwell4ever's rosters since last year, but since it doesn't looks like he will make new ones for this season, i thought i could convert the most recent PC rosters and later share them here. Which files would i use from the PC mod? The database.big and hist.dat? If i just FTP them without any changes will it work? 


Could you explain me how can you change customer cyberfaces to the generic faces? Also, bagwell4ever's rosters have some players with different  portraits (Andrew Benintendi with Roberto Alomar portrait and Rafael Devers with Miguel Cairo's are the ones i remember). It's more a nitpick, but do you know how could i remove them?


And i think i know who is the guy making the ps2 rosters, but in that case i think i will try to make them on my own. It will take a while, though. 


Thanks for the answer!


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I think you're going to have to either look through past threads or see if there's any readme.txt files in older similar mods to see how things are done.  Good luck.

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